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UAE Council for AI and blockchain discusses the adoption of AI technologies in developing digital services

The UAE Council for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain has held its first meeting to discuss the adoption of AI technologies in developing digital services. The meeting was attended by the council’s members and chaired by Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications.

Al Olama highlighted the UAE government’s dedication to advancing its operational frameworks and pioneering proactive resolutions to challenges. The council’s efforts aim to expedite the process of digital transformation to consolidate a blueprint for the UAE that embraces futuristic technologies.

During the meeting, progress and key accomplishments of the 12 sub-committees operating under the council’s purview were reviewed. The council’s top priority was to establish artificial intelligence as a fundamental working model and a crucial tool in digital transactions across various sectors, including healthcare, energy, natural resources, blockchain, industry, transportation and logistics, and tourism.

The council is currently focusing on the activation of the second phase of its work, which aims to adopt artificial intelligence initiatives to embrace its technologies in government entities, develop AI systems, and increase the UAE’s competitiveness in priority sectors through the development of AI in the areas of customer services. This would contribute to improving the wellbeing, enhancing performance, and establishing an effective legislative and regulatory environment.

Under the leadership of Mohammed bin Taliah, the Government Services Committee discussed the extensive list of initiatives related to the adoption of artificial intelligence in government services. The committee launched the AI adoption guideline in government services to enhance awareness among government entities about AI, coordinate efforts, and accelerate adoption while keeping pace with the latest advancements in AI utilization in government services.

The Health Committee, led by Dr. Mohammed Salim Al Olama, presented the most recent advancements in the “Riayati” digital platform. The platform aims to transform the healthcare landscape in the UAE by improving the quality of healthcare services through the enhancement of secure services. It is designed to focus on data quality, proactive disease follow-up, improved accessibility to data, and enhance wellbeing by providing exceptional healthcare services to the community.

The council’s efforts aim to position the UAE as a global leader in artificial intelligence by 2031. The council’s work will be instrumental in advancing the adoption of artificial intelligence technology and digital transactions across all critical sectors in the UAE. The council will continue to collaborate with all relevant entities to accomplish its objectives and fulfill the visionary leadership’s ambitions.


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