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Muslim Council of Elders programme spotlights ‘Humanitarian Stories with Youth’

ABU DHABI, 15th March, 2024 (WAM) — The Muslim Council of Elders is highlighting young people’s experiences in promoting human fraternity through its Ramadan programme, “Humanitarian Stories with Youth”, airing on the Council’s social media platforms. This initiative stems from the Council’s strategy of utilising all platforms to enhance peace and promote values of dialogue, tolerance, and human coexistence.

In the programme’s inaugural episode, ‘Aisha Al-Yassi, a participant in the Human Fraternity Fellows Programme organised by the Muslim Council of Elders in collaboration with Georgetown University, emphasised that her upbringing in the UAE, in an environment embracing various cultures, races, and religions, was a source of inspiration for her to engage in efforts to promote dialogue and human coexistence. It also inspired her to study religious minorities in the Arabian Peninsula and their cultural and civilisational diversity.

Al-Yassi, a master’s student at King’s College London, directed a message to her peers in the Arab world and beyond, urging them to work towards spreading and enhancing the values of human fraternity and appreciating the principle of mutual respect to establish peace among themselves and all different groups in societies and countries.

The Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi, hosted the second phase of the Human Fraternity Fellows Programme at the beginning of last month. The programme included participants from 11 prestigious universities around the world. The participating students engaged in discussions and dialogues to address the challenges facing the dissemination and promotion of the concepts and values of human fraternity on campus. They also took part in a variety of events and visits, including the Human Fraternity Majlis, the roundtable meeting for the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity, as well as visits to New York University Abu Dhabi, the Louvre Museum, and the Abrahamic Family House.

The Muslim Council of Elders presents four diverse programmes alongside its “Humanitarian Stories with Youth” programme on its official social media platforms during the blessed month of Ramadan. These programmes include “Imam Al-Tayeb,” “Humanitarian Values with the Muslim Council of Elders,” “Month of Harmonious Coexistence,” and “Reflect on Fasting”. They discuss various topics, including the explanation of Allah’s Most Beautiful Names, the prominent noble humanitarian values stipulated in the Document on Human Fraternity, and the humanitarian values that can be revived during the blessed month of Ramadan. They also highlight the secrets of fasting and its psychological and physical effects on individuals, contributing to the building and training of their souls in adopting numerous noble values and ethics.


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