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Become a Travel Agent – Why the Timing is Right

The travel industry is a seven trillion dollar industry expected to double to fourteen trillion dollars within the next decade. This lucrative industry is currently growing 23% faster than the global economy.

A key factor in this growth phenomenon is the steady stream of baby boomers who are retiring, or getting ready to retire. In fact, baby boomers are retiring at a rate of one every eight seconds. Travel was rated the number one thing these baby boomers intend to do when they do retire.

There is now an increased demand for qualified travel agents, due to the explosive growth of the industry as a whole. To become a certified travel agent, your options are not limited to the traditional brick and mortar setting.

Many reputable travel agencies are now offering attractive options for the individual looking for a legitimate home based business.

If your goal is to work as an independent travel agent from the comfort of your own home, you may want to consider working as an online travel agent.

Here are some companies that you can research, that offer excellent income opportunities and complete training. Please note, that many travel companies that actively recruit agents to work from home, will hire their agents as employees.

There are also travel companies that recruit independent agents. This option will offer the agent the freedom of being self-employed, and the ability to set their own hours.

To take advantage of this option, be aware that there will be an investment required. The ability to make money will be solely at the discretion of the agent who chooses to invest in this business model.

On a positive note, many agents who have invested in this business model are making a very nice income, so be sure to research this option before ruling it out.

Travel companies that currently offer the independent agent business model include TraVerus Travel Network, Global Resorts Network, and Your Travel Business, also known as YTB.

Make sure to do your due diligence! Be sure to research each company carefully, and make it a priority to fully understand the compensation plan. You will also need to know what training is available, and whether the company will offer you the opportunity to become certified.

Don’t be afraid to ask important questions, such as whether the company has IATA(International Air Transport Association), IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network), and CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) Credentials. This is important information to know, especially if you intend to take advantage of the travel perks and benefits available to those in the travel industry.

Here are some questions to ask – What is the initial investment, if any? Are there any additional costs or fees associated with obtaining licensing, or becoming certified? And finally, if you are considering a work at home position, what kind of support and training is offered?

Next, determine whether you a right fit for the travel industry. Lets break down the qualifications that will determine whether you are suited for this challenging, but rewarding career.

Travel agents should have a minimum of a high school diploma. Agents should have a true love for travel,as well as a sincere enthusiasm and love for working with people, because these traits are crucial elements for success in this industry.

Travel agents should also possess excellent multi-tasking and organization skills. Attention to detail and accuracy are very important, along with great communication skills. In addition, good computer skills will be needed.

Travel agents should possess a professional, courteous demeanor when working with suppliers, and the general public. Sales ability and great interpersonal skills are an added plus.

The benefits of becoming a travel agent are many. I have listed the top three.

Travel agents save up to 80% on travel to many of the worlds exclusive resorts and destinations. These discounts include, but are not limited to:

a. Complimentary upgrades
b. Hotel room upgrades and discounts
c. Car rental discounts and upgrades
d. Cruises
e. Theme park discounts
f. Vacation Packages

FAM trips, also known as familiarization trips. Suppliers will offer access to their facilities at substantial discounts so that travel agents will have first hand knowledge of their facilities. The travel agent will then be able to make recommendations and book travel for their clients based on their personal knowledge and first hand experience.

The supplier will roll out the red carpet for the travel agent to ensure the travel professional has an outstanding time.

There are also tax benefits for individuals who chose to do this profession as an independent travel agent. You should consult with your CPA or tax professional for more information regarding this benefit.

So, how do I become a travel agent? In summary, becoming a travel agent can be a lucrative and rewarding career. Should you decide that you possess the skills and abilities needed for success, you can look forward to a promising career.

In addition to the companies named in this article, you can do further research online at Google or Yahoo using the following keywords – become a travel agent, how do I become a travel agent, travel agent careers, or online travel agent.

Learn more about travel agent careers Alecia Barnes is a successful Internet Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Professional who assists other MLM and Network Marketing professionals to build their home based businesses on and off line. Free Tips and Strategies For Online Success Traverus Travel Information

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How to Find the Right Travel Agent..?

In today’s Hi- Tech world, we have easy access to all kinds of information. We’re able to research, compare, and book travel right in the comfort of our own home. But the question arises – Who needs a travel agent anymore?

Fewer of us do, apparently. In last one decade the travel agents statistics had fallen by about 30%.

“They are an outdated remnant of past practices that add virtually no value to any transaction today,” says one of the employee working for Michigan airlines. After my recent recommendations of travel agent in various columns, I’ve been on the receiving end of the feedback – How could i..?.

So, here let me discuss about this common query. I believe that travel agents today still offer services and information that we can’t get on Internet. Granted, some things such as booking a simple flights, most people can successfully manage on their own. A travel agent however, can recommend smaller, alternative airports that the discount carriers use. This alone can save you quite a bit of money. However, the key thing that travel agents today offer is their first hand knowledge and right information. In planning a trip or vacation, one wants to find information about the places and regions suitable to them. Here the role of a travel agent comes into act considering the fact that they have traveled to many different places, they can provide much more insight than a brochure or web page can. Thus, finding the right travel agent is inevitable. The same thing goes for tours and specialty travel such as luxury, adventure, villa rentals, etc. A competent travel adviser can be your greatest asset when you’re planning a trip. The key word here is “competent.” And let me also define what I mean by agent: I’m not necessarily talking about an offshore call center worker reading from a script or a hobbyist who paid a few hundred bucks for bogus agency credentials. I mean a bona fide, certified travel professional. Once you decide to book a trip through an agent you must go through few quality check of an agent. These few measures include:

Understanding An Agent And Using Your Intuition – It’s important to feel out a prospective travel agent to see if you can build a rapport with them. This can be done even when you’re dealing with an Internet agency, through phone calls or e-mails. Face-to-face meetings are not necessary. The choice of right travel agent comes from knowledge, not words. The correct answers to your direct questions are what count. Before you even ask for a price quote, probe the knowledge and personality of the agent you may be putting in charge of your hard-earned vacation. If you get the right feel about this person, you then ask for a price quote. If a travel agent quotes you a price that is not the same as, or lower than the cost of booking directly, or doesn’t offer incentives like free insurance, or even a pre-cruise hotel room, they are choosing not to compete — a choice some agents do make. They hope to attract uneducated consumers. This not the kind of agent we recommend, unless the service is so fantastic you don’t mind missing out on a few perks. But price alone may not always be the best factor to find the right travel agent. We want the best price, but we also want assistance and service when we need it. Hence, when your skull asks this “ How to find the right travel agent”, the above mention criteria should strike you first.

Look For Certification – A right travel agent must be certified from some travel body or institution of his nation. This proves to be more promising or as the elderly travelers say “a certified travel agent is the right travel agent”.

Stay Local And Interview The Agent – There’s no substitute for the personal touch. My best experiences with agents have been one-on-one. The ability to meet — to look the agent in the eye, to shake his or her hand — is something online agencies can’t match. (Note: not all agents work in an office, but home-based agents can and do make personal visits.) The only exception to this rule is if you’re out to find an agent with a sought-after specialty. But even then, a trusted voice on the phone is preferable to the often unintelligible, script-reading customer service associate you’re connected to when dealing with a large agency. Mind this- a professional travel agent makes personal visits. Don’t pick the first agent you find. Talk to the travel pro. Pay close attention not only to the way your prospective agent responds, but also at what’s going on in the office around you.

Pressure Check – The only way to know for certain if your travel agent is a keeper is to see what happens when you run into trouble. A right travel agent would run through your foot steps in trouble. You must conform the services provided by the agent under such circumstances.


Good travel agents have an edge over almost any other seller of travel. They know what you want. They speak your language. And they’re there for you when you run into trouble.

In other words, travel agents aren’t obsolete. Only the bad ones are.

Traveling is something I have always cherished. An expedition offers a blend of countless itineraries ranging from Heritage, culture, tribes, adventure, wildlife and much more.

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Dubai Real Estate Crash. Lindsey Williams was Right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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