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Dubai Real Estate Crash. Lindsey Williams was Right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch aljazeera live click here http


  1. @klard Dubai is a hub for Organized crime. They have no taxes so it benefits criminals and the rich. Say someon has 5 million cash,they can buy a property in Dubai with no questions asked,when they sell it the money is clean and in the system. Even if they sell at a loss they do not care. Vegas is nothing like dubai,the only thing they have in common is they host greedy people who lothe in sin.

  2. What would be the big advantage for wealthy people o have another residence in Dubai? You can get luxury in other places as well. What is with people comparing Dubai to Las Vegas? They are two different types of places. Las Vegas is an entertainment vacation place to fleece the masses.

  3. You know Iran is going to take Dubai when the war starts. LoL.Why would anyone invest there? There is a reason for not investing there.

  4. @CrimesinWitcher
    I love Dubai, I think its great. I just dont care for Las VEgas!!!! Besides I KNOW DUBAI ISNT FINISHED!!!

  5. @Empoli5 that is not true at all and you know it. Unless you’ve been there before you’d know that it has much more then those you mentioned but also shopping amlls and other venues. Dubai is not even finished for crying out loud.

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  7. @Vietls250
    You cant compare Las Vegas with Dubai.
    Dubai is the world capital of luxury. It is a beautiful city. Las Vegas is a low-class dump filled with fat tourists getting off grey hounds and going into buffets to pig out. And please, dont be RACIST!! I am sure these people are much smarter than you!!!

  8. what is the problem with you. you always put things against UAE.

    look inside yourself. you have a teruble problem.

  9. stop trying to be Las Vegas lol. I see dubai going to shit in 5 months, stop building and take the lost, dumb sand niggas

  10. I like Dubai. I like that they are trying to build a nice resort area for the wealthy. It’s no different than the rest of the high dollar coastal areas around the world. The only thing that sucks is it is so close to Iran. Don’t give up Dubai, things will turn around and your little offshore city is awesome!

  11. You know what’s scary? In New York City…. Housing Crisis.

    It’s full of Ghost town and shrinkage population.

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  13. Hey get easy!! If you hate Dubai don’t bother your self to write bad words!! Cause Dubai rise up no matter what happen!!! Dubai like any city in the world so what the big deal of it!! Stop annyoing!! CAUSE WE DON’T CARE WHAT WORLD WOULD SAY ABOUT DUBAI!! CAUSE THIS IS OUR PLACE AND NONE OF YOU!! GROW UP PLS!! YOU SAY THIS CAUSE YOU ARE JEALOUS…. WE DIDN’T HARM ANYONE TO SHOW US YOUR ANGERS!! KEEP YOUR ANGERS FOR YOUR SELF!!! THANKS

  14. I wouldn’t. Too fucking hot during the summer and it’s in the desert! I’d mush rather live in San Diego, New York, Paris, or Perth, Australia.

  15. They then go broke, the worlds giggles, and thousands of rich towel-heads lose money.

  16. Today Dubai gives western media the world’s talles middle Finger _|_ by launching ” Burj Dubai “

  17. dubia is like perfume on a pig – its still a shithole in a shithole country, who the fuck would want to live there?

  18. But you miss something critical:
    The rich are still quite rich. To me, that is their immunity (so far). If a person loses half of their billions, they still have billions. (Or in the smallest case, more than 500 million – still an absolute shitload of cash).

    When the wealthy are in soup lines in the city and the poor farmers are saying that things arent much different than they were back in 2010, that will be the next Great Depression.

    Again: Dubai Real Estate? Location Location Location! NO!!

  19. Interesting video. It shows the real estate market fallout spans far beyond the United States.


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