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Acclaimed gong-master Don Conreaux to hold exclusive two-day session in DSF

Residents and visitors to Dubai have the unique opportunity to listen to acclaimed gong-master Don Conreaux when he presents the sounds of gongs at Zabeel Park, Area C, on Feb 6 and Feb 7 as part of DSF 2009 activities. The session will begin at 7:30pm and go on for an hour.

Based on the concept of sound healing and therapy, the ‘Gong Bath’ takes listeners into a world of serenity and relaxation through the soothing sounds of gongs. The event will also feature singing bowls, conch shells, flutes, and other sound healing instruments.

For the past 30 years, Don Conreaux has brought the mystical and entertaining sounds of the ancient bronze gong (tam tam), bells, bell bowls, and the spiral sea horn (conch) to millions of listeners around the world. He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs as performing artist and talk show guest.


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