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Sharjah Museums Department Sponsors the Environment Zone

Sharjah, 6th July 2009: Through the participation of Sharjah Natural History ‘&’ Botanical Museum, Sharjah Museums Department (SMD) sponsors the Environment Zone at “Big House of Fun” in Al-Qasba till July 25th 2009.

Endangered animals and plants species from flora and fauna were on display. SMD aims at raising environmental awareness and enhancing the importance of preserving heritage for future generations. Visitors also have a great opportunity to learn about the vital role of environment and how to keep it from threats.

Indigenous herbs with medical uses also were on display. In addition to the distribution of plants in different habitats, mountains, valleys, coasts, or deserts. The museum also displayed a diorama for endangered animals such as Caracal, Oryx, Bustard, Hare, Lizard, Hynea, Sand Gazelle, and others. Many species of falcons and Hunting tools were also on display.

The museum was keen to have workshops on preserving environment such as drying plants, fossils, sands of UAE, shells, recycling, and living seas.

The mission of the Sharjah Natural History and Botanical Museum is to disseminate knowledge of plants and animals through collection, research and display and to inspire in all our visitors a respect for the natural world. The museum displays also desert and marine ecosystems. The visitor can encounter dinosaur models, erupting volcanoes, prehistoric fossils and meteorites from outer space, and learn about the development of plants and the complex relationship between humans and botany.


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