CCTV shows ‘international hit squad’ at work in Dubai

Police in Dubai have released video footage of an alleged international hit squad they believe assassinated top Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, las. . Follow us on twitter at

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25 thoughts on “CCTV shows ‘international hit squad’ at work in Dubai

  1. No member of Hamas should be allowed to be labeled a “victim”. As a member of one of the largest, most organized terrorist organizations in the world, I’d say that qualifies him as “Fair game”.

  2. Once again congratulation Mossad You showed again that you are the best.Islami terrorists have to know Jewish blood is not cheap.All of you will finich in tolilets,its just a question of time.
    Prepeare yourself.72 virgins are coming soon

  3. Mossad are some bad-ass mofos. They’re a bunch of ghosts. The authorities will never find these agents. And for the “victim,” you reap what you sow.

  4. Did anyone have a look at the picture of the alleged female Israeli agent that made up part of the plot? If not have a look again; I swear she looks like a man. I’m hoping it’s a disguise otherwise there’s an Israeli pre-op transgender agent actively luring people to their deaths. Poor al-Mabhouh must have been blind, or maybe he fancied chicks with dicks!

  5. Israelis r such cowards they need all these Mossad agents to kill one man. Its cos they r so weak genetically. anothercrapvid jews werent there first u ass they took it over from the original inhabitants and they were more than 500 yrs b4 muslims, Christianity was ‘like 500 yrs b4’ go do ur homework u retard.

  6. Ha ha, why is this “freedom fighter” Hamas gangster leader staying in such a exclusive, rich pampered hotel? I thought they were of the “common people”. I guess they live like kings. Hamas must be very rich, maybe they can share some of their riches with the Palestinian people!

  7. ooooooh suuurrrreeeee Professional assassins using their real passports hahahahhaha

    this is RL jason bourne shit.

  8. Well done Mossad. I’m British and would be proud to have my passport used in killing Hamas scum. Its about time we took out these Jew haters, once and for all. If Mossad are recruiting i would be happy to do their dirty work on behalf of them, I hate Hamas, dirty terrorists. Islam is just bullshit, Jews were there first, like 500 yrs before Islam was ever thought about, plus Islam is a man made load of shit, GO MOSSAD!!!!

  9. international hit squad… they’re all a bunch of jews working for israel. it should be called a zionist hit squad.

  10. dont split hairs here, asshole…just come out and say how you really feel about the Jews. Dont pussyfoot around the subject..youre a fucking racist anti semite….accept it!!!!!

  11. It has no merit so why are you justifying it? Get a life and stop obsessing over Israel, you fucking anti-semitic asshole!

  12. fuck the mossad.
    zionist fuckbags.
    That country is full of pimps and whores and Israel is the #1 country who imports whores from around the entire earth.
    Holy country my ass.

  13. the ballbags from bethlehem at it again,us brits should bomb mecca with a fake isreali jet.cheecky twats.

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