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Dubai and Moscow’s Moving Skyscrapers

NOTE: I did not make this video. It is the video produced by the architectural firm behind this building. — David Fisher’s company ‘Dynamic Architecture’ have developed a moving skyscraper! The building will be made up of 80 floors, with an apartment on each floor. The rotating building is made possible by 79 giant power-generating wind turbines. As well as the rotation, the wind turbines will also provide enough energy to power the entire building and feed extra energy back into the grid. There are two buildings planned at the moment. One in Dubai and one in Moscow. The Dubai building is planned to be up and running by 2010. http


  1. its fair for dubai to have all these beatifull projects & our gaza & brothers & sisters they don t have homes or food. Thats how islam is? Too leave your brothers without a home & food. What a shame

  2. i wonder how they get to there rooms and if its a elevater It would be in the spine, the middle and it would be one elevater probably…

  3. that’s not seems like the best idea
    it sure makes dubai look more creative and rich
    but it could end with a disaster

  4. wow look we have a real business genius here..
    dubai is not the richest city in the world twat..

  5. these buildings are going to be built … go to they webside …. theres everything explained …
    dont talk shit about it couse you dont even noticed that it is going to hit…. :D
    i mean its going to be built ….

  6. these buildings do NOT move people….its just graphic effects in the video….pull your heads out of your asses and visit these cities. the buildings are amazing, although the one in moscow is not even close to finished yet

  7. no, other way around Dubai is the richest city in the world right now, It has the biggets buildings coolest things, even a cafe out of ice. EVEN THE CUPS!!! they get ice from canada XD


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