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Dubai’s Dirty Little Secret

The Middle East’s boomtown is built on the backs of exploited foreign workers.


  1. Suddenly thisnigative report appeared on top of dubai search vedio lists..!!!!! whats wrong with youtube..!!! yeah sure trying to undermind the veiwers about the assassination that took place..presenting Dubai in a bad image to cover the ugly act of the mossad..You know what PLAY ANOTHER GAME..!!!

  2. fuck ABC propagandas. Jealous bastards. Western medias always mislead people about Arab world & Islam.


  3. This video is pure bullshit. They have picked the worst of the worst examples. Most of these workers earn more and have it better than in their home country.
    The companies recruit by asking a local recruitment company in for example India to recruit some man for them. That local company goes searching and finds some man. The company offers them the job and if they accept it they get an airplane ticket and fly to dubai. A basic salary is like 300 euro’s a month AND ALSO FREE HOUSING AND FOOD,

  4. Yes its true they take your passports away and i lived there and phoned the government coz my boss said the same thing she is going to take my passport and the government said its ok its normal.THey really do slave people DONT GO THERE.

  5. so wait 90% of the population(who are forigeners who come to Dubai to work) were all “tricked” to come to Dubai and now are forced to a life a servitude Behind Jails and cant go back to their country right?? Is that the Theory you want us to believe. Dear Sir Which Type of Cocain were you injecting in your blood stream before you typed such a comment?

  6. @skiingpowder10
    yes too bad they cant go home , they all want to go but they wont let them !
    here watch this video, you will see a lot of people just want to go home

  7. 10:18 is not correct. When they enslave you and take your passport they are not going to send you back to your home country. That is wrong! What you get is beaten and years added to your endentured servatude. The workers would LOVE to travel home, they were tricked into going to Dubai.

  8. I’m not sure if they really chose to live in those conditions. I’ve watched a few other videos on workers in Dubai and many were told they were going to get paid more or have a different living situation than what they ended up with.

  9. we didnt drag those men from their hair and asked them to build skyscrapers they chose to live in these conditions and this video is full of crap cleary trying to make a propaganda statement out of jealousy and envy because new york and chicago los angeles are no longer the popular cities and it bothers them we will expand and the funny part is no one tells china anything china and singapore are expanding at rapid rates and no one says Sh#t f#k you ABC and whoever agrees with this sht

  10. i lived in dubai for 7 years i was born there it was better when it was simpler because they just made a peaceful place into a fast running place im kind of dissapointed but i still love it

  11. Who in Dubai gives who salary, free housing, free food? You sound as if you are describing slaves…’always happy, happy with their work’

  12. if you all think they are sad come and ask them about this what happens to them in their own country in dubai they give them salary and their free housing free food i can see them always happy they are happy with their work.

  13. America was built on slave labor and american’s do not feel like the decendants of those slave deserves the reparations owed to there forefathers.

  14. this is all scam this mother fuckers dont care about humanity and reping off all the imvesters and weather sucks too

  15. I’m living in Dubai and I must say… It only looks shiny when you’re outside.

    I’ve been living here for a long time now and I can’t stand it anymore. I’m saving enough for my family and going back home. Dubai is just like a Disneyland for Adults (mostly the rich and elites).

  16. The whole freaking Rail Road system in the United States was built by Chinese Workers who were exploited by Americans,, The American Companies didnt even pay those chinese during the 1800s. Thats how Rockefeller got rich, he exploited Chinese Railroad workers so they can build tracks for him in Coal Mines. and From the Coal is how Rockefeller first got rich. so before these people talk about dubai or any other country they need to look long and hard about their own past

  17. jesus id like to see this annoying ass hoe pay 500,000 workers more than 1$ a hour XD! btw im soooooooo high right now ._.


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