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New World’s Tallest Building – the Burj Dubai (Burj Khalifa)

My personal website – Burj Dubai thread. Latest pics here – http — Introducing the “Burj Dubai”. Completed in January 2010, it has overtaken Taipei 101 to become the new World’s Tallest Building. It stands over half a mile high, with 160 storeys. That’s like stacking 2 Empire State Buildings on top of each other. In this video from 2007, Matt Rogers takes a look inside the unfinished building including a view from the 137th floor. If you love skyscrapers and architecture then visit and http


  1. This is one of the signs of ‘Qayamah’ that people of desert will compete each other on making tallest buildings. This was told by our beloved Prophet (SAW) 1400 years ago……

    Shame on those who are wasting their money on such a pity things. Anyways they will be questioned by Allah in ‘Akhirah’…….

  2. To my mind, there’s something obscene about all of this. What if all that steel and concrete were put into, irrigation and power dams, infrastructure to grow FOOD. So many people in the world are starving. What it the money were put into finding clean, alternate energy sources.

    If you spend capital on things that ADD to the resources of the world, well, the WORLD is a richer place and more can benefit.

    Instead we have a playground for people who have too much while others starve. Obscene.

  3. ‘middle east’ is a region, not a country or continent. It’s called ‘middle’ in reference to the meeting of 3 continents, being asia, africa and europe. So, egypt is in africa and in the middle east.

  4. I am glad to see at least one other person has a clue as to how pointless something like this is within a country so greatly in need of help for its people.

  5. It is amazing that with all the needy starving people in India, all they can think of to do with their millions is a giant building. Piece of shit companies.

  6. for all those jealous and ignorant know-it-alls, the UAE derives most of its income from tourism, not oil.

  7. how long do I have to stand in the elevator from the top to the ground? :/
    there better be seats ;)

  8. dubai has too much money they NEED to do this lol…i mean they already donate a lot of it to charities

  9. the tower is closed.
    Well they still wife beating, slavery & torturing shia for entertainment. Maybe sheik Issa will buy the place & turn it into a waterboarding park

  10. that is an insane building. i saw a documentary a while back when it was 1/4 of the way built but this is the first time i saw the view from here. i must be afraid of heights because when they were going up the elevator i got a tingle in my gut and had to turn away.

  11. but imagine if that building gets hit by a strong earthquake. that office go bye bye…. Haha!!!


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