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Fastest Growing City in the World! Middle East 2.0 – Dubai in 2006


  1. what about women’s rights, what about Sharia Law. what about the crumbling economy. We all know Dubai is broke, people are leaving..stop hyping a dying city

  2. american here are just jealous of the dubai..
    they say dubai is rich but stupid..
    but americans are stupid too..
    they believe wtv the govt says..,
    well, lemme tell you..
    your govt. is based on lots of lies..
    of course..not all americans are stupid..some are smart :D

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  4. it has a history ur just taking it wronge, it was desert before but now its growing faster maybe do some research and find great history,,believe me you WILL be amazed..

  5. @bsdpowa

    Exactly, Dubai has no history what so ever, it`s just built on new found oil wealth.

    It`s just a dry empty desert by all means, nothing else.

  6. I’m from Europe and I work in Dubai, it’s great money and everything’s cheap but I would still choose any European city over Dubai because Dubai doesn’t have a soul, it has no history, it has no identity, new construction is all there is, I would never want to raise my kids there, Dubai is strictly a business center, you go there to work not to live

  7. we are expatriates living in dubai 1999.. we are doing so well… life is amazing.. by the way we are not rich.. we are from the middle class but living happily here… everyone is free to choose his way and level of living as long as you respect others and accept their culture.. here more than 180 nationalities living peacefully.. in one company you may find 15 different nationalities.. all working together with harmony… i love dubai.. i love UAE

  8. That place is just for the very rich people around the world to throw in money. One bad thing is their strict middle east religion makes us foreigners have a thick barrier with them.

  9. its fair for dubai to have all these beatifull projects & our gaza & brothers & sisters they don t have homes or food. Thats how islam is? Too leave your brothers without a home & food. What a shame

  10. celtic – if what they say is True about its peacefull & Obviously Developed then the rest of of the Middle east should take lessons from U.A.E. Amazing city & if this is the Future of the Middle east, that would be Great!

  11. Based on economic performance and HDI developments, Shanghai is actually the fastest growing city in the world.

  12. Dubai problem is heat my friend you also know that..I prefer staying in London..It is nice place..thats why all you arabs come and stay there..Specially rich arabs..Dubai is also good but not that great..just fake promotion..YOur goverement should focus more on helping poor which u never can..ur more interested in showing ur arrogant behavioiur..

  13. Thats a nice point..They never think like that..they think in this manner..stupid people..and they go around world telling we arerich who cares..

  14. Arabs are aholes..Not all ..But most are..The guys specially..Fake pride..Fake everything..I got money..But no brain..Another ..Also you tend to do these rascist fake pride..we are can you be rich ..Money is just paper..u should be rich in technology,science , health. ,goodness etc..Not i am dumb

  15. well its impressive, as long they can handle all that without going bankrupt. Since the weather climates is changing, better hope there no serious threat on that coast, esp hurricanes and hide tides when the polar caps start meltling away.


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