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Dubai Renames World’s Tallest Tower Burj Khalifa

Dubai has unveiled the world’s tallest skyscraper in an extravagant multimedia and fireworks display. The 828-meter tall building was renamed Burj Khalifa on Monday, after the UAE president. (04 January 2010)


  1. `Dubai is just bla bla bla

    Abu Dhabi pays for everything they do, so if you think about it, they are just taking money from another city which can buy and sell dubai like a product.

    AD = richest city in the world and a billion times richer than dubai

  2. This is one of the signs of ‘Qayamah’ that people of desert will compete each other on making tallest buildings. This was told by our beloved Prophet (SAW) 1400 years ago……

    Shame on those who are wasting their money on such a pity things. Anyways they will be questioned by Allah in ‘Akhirah’…….

  3. wateverr……levu ga nomudou vaka fanisyy
    dubai 1 na vanuaa MACAWA hahahahhahaha!!! lol

  4. Dubai is a crown on ur head, ok… well try to beat our tower then come talk rubish , ok …. ur such a ( Baga yaro = stupid dude )

  5. look 7abibi im not gonna say anything cuz ure saudi and it has our holy places w i respect all saudies but come on we do not force our women to wear a niqab and they can drive cars so believe me tourists would rather vist dubai than visit jeddah but its the truth….. :-)no offence have a good day

  6. ummm watevrr…….Dubai sux..luks lyk a ghost town 2 me…no matter how many tall buildings u hav…it cannot bring true happiness

  7. The city is well and truely dead. Built too much in little time. All the ex-pats ran home. A very small percent of locals. Might as well be a ghost town soon.

  8. hi,i am from dubai and i like america i spend all my summers there in LA ,new york and las vegas. im sorry to that some not all americans have a problem and it is that they live in a box. america was the olny great country but that was more than half a century ago when in the uae ppl lived in house made of palm trees and only the royals had electricity and u think that only america has tall buildings and great stuff well we are not a first world country yet but

  9. we will be there soon and y do u think that we dont have money to build a tower such as that there is a plan to build a tower 3 times taller call dubai vertical city and fyi arabs are not terrorists it is ppl like bin laden which i dont count as arab cuz arabs are a warm friendly community where the rich and poor are friends and the sheik is the friend of the ppl and in the uae dubai is the only famous city but but we also have abu dhabi which is so great it held a f1 racing event in nov.

  10. and we alsoo have sharjah which is famous for its museums and cultural ideas we also have fujairah which has many beach resorts and hiking and imagine if arabs cut the usa of oil then we will see what happens and workers came her knowing that the will get paid that amount but here they have rooms to live in with a/c’s back in their county they lived in cardbox’s so they consider the amount they recieve gd . thank you for your time and think outside of the box..

  11. and i thot only America had tall buildings

    dont worry we’ll build one exceeding that tower…..and we’ll be back to the top

  12. Those countries have money to build a 1.5 billion dollar building but the paid their 12,000 labours $5 dollars a Day. FIVE DOLLARS a day to build it.


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