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A Diamond in the Desert: Behind the Scenes in Abu Dhabi, the World’s Richest City

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Arabia in the 1960s – still a land of desert, nomadic tribes, falcons and gazelles. And Abu Dhabi, perched on the Gulf Coast, was a poor fishing community. Barely forty years on, it is the richest city on earth, with major stakes in Western economies. And if the extraordinarily ambitious plans for the capital of the United Arab Emirates succeed, its future impact will be global. Jo Tatchell’s family arrived in Abu Dhabi in 1974 when there were only a few thousand inhabitants. She left as a young adult in the nineties, choosing personal freedom over a life of comfort and ease. But in recent years, as Abu Dhabi has become ever more significant on the world stage, she has returned to get behind the headlines and see how the city is changing for herself. In this illuminating portrait, she shows Abu Dhabi past and present through the eyes of its people – from sheikhs to Indian immigrants, housewives to ex-pats – as well as her own. Tales of the Bedus’ traditional hospitality and of expeditions into the desert mingle with accounts of hair-raising decadence and double standards, as she reveals a society and culture almost derailed by sudden, extreme wealth. And yet, as she discovers, Abu Dhabi is about to change again. Its rulers have a grand vision of a cultural bridge between Islam and the West, which might just transform our world.

A Diamond in the Desert: Behind the Scenes in Abu Dhabi, the World’s Richest City


  1. Anyone who’s interested in Abu Dhabi and the Emirates should read this book. Finally a book which organized my loose facts about the city and region. Information is well portioned. One meets interesting people, who share their stories. Something one would like to do himself but does not have the connections the author has. Lots of history, some of it totally unknown to me (f.e. Nixon’s plans for an invasion of the Gulf). References are very up to date. There is even mention and discussion about the new Master Plan for Abu Dhabi 2030 (kudos). Many aspects of life (almost all of them) are covered (traditions, tribe life, old meets new, transitions, women, religion, etc). The author really did her research, didn’t only rely on childhood memories, although these are very intriguing as well. One can learn important Arabic words. Great source of information and interesting opinions of the author.
    Rating: 5 / 5


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