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Answering Islam: The Crescent in Light of the Cross

  • ISBN13: 9780801064302
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Product Description
What are the fundamental beliefs of Islam and how can Christians respond to them? Answering Islam evaluates the claims of orthodox Islam and examines the evidence for the Christian counterclaim, preparing you with strong apologetic answers. This revised edition contains more resources and updated information throughout.

Answering Islam: The Crescent in Light of the Cross


  1. It makes me laugh to see how Christians are trying to gain a few followers, and hence potential money donators, especially after sept.11. One hears a lot of nonsense regarding how peaceful Christianity is vs. the mad Islam. Reality is, based on historical facts, that of all religions only Christianity has had more violence and blood on their hands than Islam has. They blame Islamic people for their holy war, apparently forgetting that they too have had centuries of holy wars on just about everyone who didn’t agree with their religion. They have done more killings than all other religions combined. I really don’t understand why these guys can’t understand that a mother and son have played mind game with them for 2000 years. A young woman gets herself pregnant, being terrified by Jewish law for adultery, she come up with a very clever idea. She blames on Jewish God, He must have had a lonely night. His son plays along with this story to save her mother and her family from a crushing embarrassment and of course pays a heavy price for it. Perhaps Jewish God got offended by this lie and took revenge from both the mother and the son, from the mother by having her son killed in front of her eyes and the son by dying a painful death. One should never accuse God of “Rape” you never know how he reacts. What amazes me is that Muhammad actually bought into this non-sense as well. Now for past 600 hundred years these two scorpions have been at each other, a punishment of God on both for accusing God of becoming horny and raping a poor innocent girl and then on top of it killing His son for the crimes others committed. I tell you, this God is a bad hubby and a very bad father.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. The book is unadulterated bigotry under the guise of research. Once cannot and should not condemn 1.3 Billion Peoples with the judgemental view of Dr. Geisler. Jesus would be appalled at this book.

    Dr. Geisler has said nothing new in his book. All of this has already been given to us for over 1400 years.

    Dr. Geisler should be building bridges with the monotheistic faiths, Catholicism and Judaism and also others. His strategy of confronting Islam with a vengence creates no new friends

    Chidlren of Abraham (COA): American Jewsihm Muslim Alliance (AJMA)-American Christian Muslim Alliance (ACMA)
    New Jersey
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. This is nothing more then christian propoganda. Abdul Saleeb claims to have been a practicing muslim who converted to christianity. First of all, much like christianity, you don’t need to pass a class to call yourself a muslim. The fact that you can have very little knowledge of Islam and still call yourself a former muslim anyway is very apperent in Abdul Saleeb’s book. Most of what is said in this book, as well as radio interviews I have heard him on, is utterly false. The few things that are not complete lies are usually extremely mis-interpreted. The Quran and Hadith are very easy to understand and I find it hard to believe that Abdul Saleeb accidently presented false information. This is nothing more than a “christians” attempt to completely bastardize an entire religion so that those who are curious will be misguided away from a remarkable religion. If you want to put blinders on to what other ideas are out there then by all means by this book. Otherwise, if you want a true idea of what Islam is . . . buy a book written by a muslim. Think about it . . . you wouldn’t buy a diamond ring from a tractor salesman. Don’t buy what it means to be a muslim from a christian.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. I read this book given to me by a friend thinking that I am a Moslem, which I am not. But I had my own questions about the teachings of Christianity, which I hope the author or someone will cover it in their next addition of the book.

    1- why should we take the claim of a troubled young woman for having been impregnated by God seriously when there are down to earth explanations of what happened? A young woman engages in a forbidden love relationship, gets pregnant, is terrified by the prospect of facing a rigid and unforgiving “Law” and comes up with most creative explanation to save her own life and save her family from a total disgrace. Would any of us do anything different in her position?
    2- Why would a ” Loving”, ” Forgiving” God need to have “Blood” in order to forgive the sins of His people? Why can’t He do what most of us do, simply Forgive when asked sincerely?
    3- why would God want to punish His own son for sins he had nothing to do with, is this not a bad example of “Justice”? Jesus himself wondered about this when he asked, ” If at all possible, let this cup pass”. I think Jesus was rather polite; I would have put it differently.
    4- If God did really impregnate her, did he get married first or was that an act of adultery?
    5- since “she” was to be ” Mother of God” and God having impregnated His own Mother, would that not be considered incest and forbidden?

    These are questions that I have and none of it is meant as an insult but they are genuine
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. Who is out there that wants cheap gratification or a false feeling of assurance about the validity of a religion (Christianity) based on childish logic. This book is for such people.

    I am an atheist, who grew up in the church. This book answers nothing. Put Norman Geisler on Larry King Live in front of a few atheist writers I know, and we’ll see how he answers our problems with Christ myth.

    The reviewer from Washington has a few very good points about the myth of Christ that neither this book, nor any other book preaching Christianity, has answered. Some suggested books:

    1>Losing Faith in Faith : From Preacher to Atheist by Dan Barker.

    2>The Case Against Christianity by Michael Martin.

    3>The Myth of the Resurrection and Other Essays by Joseph McCabe

    4>Forgery in Christianity : A Documented Record of the Foundations of the Christian Religion by Joseph Wheless.

    Now lets see if Geisler can respond to any of these guys!!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  6. I had no religion growing up never was looking for G-D and definitely not Jesus Christ .I had been raped and abused in my home . A runaway at 14 got married at 16 and my husband beat me . I was a prostitute at the age of 18 and a really bad drug addict by 20 until I was 33 when the G-D came down of HIS THRONE for me and then I met Jesus who saved my soul Christ is real and he saves it is a fact and believe I did not care about anyone’s religion and still do not today I care about a relationship that has changed and transformed my life and I Tell everyone about The Lord because He loved me when I had no clue of what loves was saved and delivered me from drugs and other things so if u do not believe it is not my job to persuade u that belongs to Holy Spirit, But if you are so sure Christ is not real speak from your heart and ask Christ to show himself to you because you wanna know I know that Jesus will do it ! Why because He loves you no matter what! Blessings in the Name that is above every name Jesus Christ the Saviour of the World.


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