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Blood & Tears: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Product Description
Like an open wound that will not heal the Arab-Israeli conflict refuses to be resolved. Blood and Tears uncovers the truth beneath the hype and the headlines. Rosmarin and his team of Middle East experts have gone right to the source: the ministers and mullahs, the fanatics and peaceniks, the soldiers and terrorists, and the ordinary families battling extraordinary forces as they try to live a normal life. Top officials from both sides are interviewed, from former Israeli Prime Ministers to senior Palestinian officials to the leaders of the militant extremist group Hamas. They have also interviewed experts, like renowned Mideast scholars Bernard Lewis, and the foremost Palestinian scholar Rashid Khalidi. Blood and Tears explores the origin of the confrontation itself, and challenges many of the most deep-rooted myths we all hold about this epicenter of human conflict.

Blood & Tears: The Arab-Israeli Conflict


  1. this documentary does a very good job of clearly explaining a very complicated issue – interesting, comprehensive, and most importantly, it provides great perspective. As a professor, I have used it with my students as an entry point to the issue.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. There was little-to-no percievable bias. Would do well as a teaching tool, but is passable as edutainment, as well. Even though the production was of a lower level, I forgot all about that. Who would have thought this level of unbias could be achieved?

    I now have the plight of Palestine in my heart, but with the advantage of knowledge. And I now completely get the Israeli struggle, as well.

    The sadness lies in the fact they are both victims. It’s a very sad situation, indeed.

    Damn, Brit’s!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Fast paced, entertaining and thoughtful, with interview pieces of many on “both sides”. Not with the strong opinionated POV you usually hear/see when encountering this subject. An excellent current primer on the factors and people involved in this seemingly intractable conflict. Short on answers –but so have been the last “20 leaders” involved with this subject. Reduces conflict to human values, which itself is an advance over the polemics often heard.
    Rating: 4 / 5


    As you may imagine, I have seen a good deal of material on the Israel-Palestine conflict and other Middle eastern matters, and I was the more impressed by the fairness and balance with which “Blood and Tears” managed to present and explain the issues, the different interests involved, and–not quite the same thing–the different points of view. I must congratulate you on a remarkable achievement, and wish you all success.”

    Dr. Bernard Lewis, Professor Emeritus, Near Eastern Studies Dept. Princeton University **************************************************************************

    “Blood and Tears” is a powerful, must-see film for all of us concerned about the dangerous direction the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is taking. It reminds us of our common humanity and the need to pull back from the brink.

    Prof. Akbar Ahmed, Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies, American University *************************************************************************

    “Blood and Tears” is an outstanding and dramatic film that cries out to be watched by all who care about the Israeli-Arab conflict and about world peace. Its balanced presentation encourages viewers to decide for themselves after seeing all sides of a complicated and never-ending issue.”

    Alan Dershowitz, Professor of Law, Harvard University **************************************************************************

    “Blood and Tears” proves that it is possible to present the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians fairly and with understanding for both sides. Pain and suffering is not unique to only one side, and everyone needs to see how and why this conflict evolved. This is an excellent documentary that has extraordinary value.”

    Ambassador Dennis Ross, Chief Mideast Negotiator, Clinton Administration


    “The landscape of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is strewn with truths and semi-truths, with myths and semi-myths, with heartfelt emotions on both sides. “Blood and Tears” leads us to the unmistakable conclusion that many Israelis and many Palestinians want to tackle the problem, want to solve it on the basis of pragmatic justice. It will enhance the confidence of the advocates of peace on both sides, and so contribute to the beginnings of a real movement toward a permanent and just solution.”

    Muhammad Muslih, Scholar of Islamic Studies, Long Island University


    “Blood and Tears” is a powerful, comprehensive and provocative documentary about the Middle East conflict. It cuts through the propaganda, the political intransigence and religious extremism–not telling the viewer what to think, but how to think.”

    Annette Insdorf, Professor of Film, Columbia University


    “Blood and Tears” is a compelling and provocative film that elucidates the history, passions and pain that underlie the struggle between Israelis and Palestinians in the Holy Land with balance, fairness, sensitivity and accuracy.”

    Dr. Walter Reich, Professor of International Affairs, the George Washington University


    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Blood and Tears is the best film I have seen so far covering the arab israeli conflict. Its unbiased footing gives you a real feel for what both sides are going through. The film takes you through the long history on both sides, and really makes you feel the true arguments and feelings that both have for the land of Israel.

    The interviews are great featuring some of the biggest names from both sides of the conflict. The footage in the film show excellent and candid pictures of life in the conflict.

    I would highly reccomend Blood and Tears to anyone who has any interest in this international conflict, looking for an unbiased, and easy to understand approach.

    Even those of you who know nothing about this conflict will learn a great deal, and still be entertained when watching Blood and Tears.
    Rating: 5 / 5


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