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Count Your Way Through the Arab World

Product Description
Uses Arabic numerals from one to ten to introduce concepts about Arab countries and Arab culture.

Count Your Way Through the Arab World


  1. The book was a disappointment to my kids and me. The book focused on very unrealistic pictures of the Arab ways. The book didn’t count through the 24 countries but focused on the writer imagination of what the Arab world like. Sands, Camels, desert and market the Arab world is a modern beautiful cities. There were no Arabic words through out the book to let the kids learn basic greetings. My kids had a look at it for a minute and they lost interest straight a way. The Arabic numbers are badly displayed and they are clearly were put manually after the book was laid out. We need to give our kids an education that’s why we are spending the money buying these series. I will not buy any of the other book series since I had a look at this one.
    Rating: 1 / 5


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