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Dubai Fountain – “Time to Say Goodbye” – Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

Update – Warner Music Group, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to block this video in certain countries due to the music in the background. The mentality of these half-wits is beyond me. Nobody is going to rip off the background music to this video in order to get a copy. If anything, this video, and others like it, can only serve to enhance their revenues. I’m speaking as someone who in their lifetime has spent in excess of $50000 on purchasing music legitimately, and who – up until today – doesn’t have a single piece of music that they haven’t paid for. Today, that all changes. I’ll never pay a single cent for any of their product again. If something comes out on any Warner label that I fancy, I’ll no longer buy the CD or pay for it on itunes, I’ll simply rip it off. Same goes to sonybmg for blocking some of the other videos in some countries. I guess this is the one people will be most interested in! Canon 5D mkii and the 17mm TS-E.


  1. Humans can’t resist beautifull things… Pleasure above life, what a deadly sin for humanity!

  2. All the time spent and technology involved should have been spent in studying ways of how to eficiently spare water for the future, for example.

  3. You’re right, bristolg. We all need to avoid giving record companies ANY revenue, and that includes listening to commercial radio stations. Contributing directly to the artists is the best thing you can do.

  4. mayyatara .. sad muppet…. celebrate a great art item, enjoy …. THANK YOU DUBAI …. brilliant

  5. @ Feijó – Portugal

    Vou experimentar na banheira …HEHEHE

    O pitroil paga tudo …

  6. @mayyatara honestly, isn’t anything we do besides sustaining ourselves a waste of resources,

  7. Although beautiful, it’s a total waste of resources. the whole Dubai is a shameful waste of resources (not the only case, of course, but one of the most blatant). I guess humanity likes the idea of disappearing from the face of the earth with a big kaboom – live fast, die young. It’s a pity the ingenuity and resources are not better used, but hey, if it makes you happy…….

  8. Remember guys, Fountain of Bellagio were made way before anyone even new where Dubai was! So don’t get too excited because it’s a copy with the same music!

  9. awesome. too bad most of the world thinks the stereotypical thought that “with islam come terrorists”. that thought is surrounded by misery loves company and truthful. no matter how nice you dress your desert oasis up. If America is destroyed the next nicest place is next on their list. It is just a matter of time.


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