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Dubai Shows CCTV, Hunts Killers of Hamas Man

Dubai is demanding a global hunt for suspects it says are linked to the killing of a Hamas commander. Officials in the UAE city state released dramatic CCTV footage purportedly showing the suspects tracking the victim. (16 February 2010)


  1. Fun as wll is the sionist media bitches barking immediatly associating the Hamas lider with arms smugling. to justify the assassination

    Yeah right, Palestininans have no water but money to buy arms against the nuclear terrorist Israeli state – just an ill joke.

  2. and the real cool story is in france where they are being pressurised after all france is not their country and if they dont like it they can fuck off home to their fucked up country

  3. The real cool story is when you hear the news of attack on jewish synagogues in Tehran.

  4. ohh it lookes like i made you angry, christianity has been on this earth for than what you islam shit as been,and if you dont know the stroy behind ur so called prophet muhamed they ud better read the books in vatican…ohh and by the way i read somewhere that ur muhamed was a pedo i mean ofcourse he would he married a 9 year old girl and had SEX with her when he himself was 50 years old she was called Aisha its writen in the Hadith one year after hijra i am presuming u know what they are

  5. good and bad people in everywhere I’ve seen good jews leave Israel after they see the bad treatment against palestinians.. I respect all religions and races without exceptionyou didn’t tell me if you’re a jew or just sympathetic with them..

  6. You said :”The palestinians and arabs have made their own mistakes down the years in this situation and this has made things worse” you consider arab peace initiative and all our efforts of making peace along the history with people who deforce our land and cultures and kill us are mistakes!!!!! what’s right? Making another war and steering armies from the arabs countries? Or giving jews Palestine on a dish of gold?!!..

  7. If Andalusians want to be back in spain it won’t be without force bcoz Spanish people won’t leave their own home and culture they will fight until death then violence will be doing by the two sides!!! best solution is israelis should leave Palestine and go back to countries they came from and Palestinians live in their country like humans

  8. Keep hating each other and keep up the killings. World doesn’t need either group who can’t reconcile.

  9. @fuclcjewtube Agreed., some jews are cool though., all israelis are terrorist., too much blood of children on their hands

  10. @orenc78 HEY Your Jewish mama suck my left mozlem nut and make my right mozlem nut jealous., hahahahahah Im too funny., btw., Fuck Israel., land or terror

  11. @is01231 fuck that., god gave u dog shit, fuck ARSErael., fuckin land of bloody terror., they can all burn in hell., :)

  12. They need to catch these Killers!., I think irsrael will get away with this like they did with the Genocide of so many innocents world wide!., their time will come., :)

  13. it may be about oil or money but the land has been given to us by God,Abraham,Isaac,Jesus,they all said where the land of the Jews are and thats what we are getting back,and me yes i value the life of everyone except the wicked muslims,why should i respect them when they dont respect our lives and our kids lives,i mean u want to make a point ok blow ur country up and then we’ll c if we want to intervene dont go around taking innocent peoples lives

  14. Its all about oil, and i doubt you have much of that, cause the gulf has like 50% of it world wide, the gulf is rich too, do you value the life of any non jew? how many people you killed to steel the land you have?

  15. worlds economy is controlled by us jews,worlds biggest banks, shops the dollar everything.hitler did not kill jews just because they were jews,its because they were so smart and richer than most of the germans they had shops big houses lots of money,so he thought germans will b jealous so if he attacks the jews the people will go with him..muslims are illiterate because they can b brainwashed so easely..u ppl are the scum of this earth no other religion is more wicked than u..u dnt value life

  16. muslim kill thousandsof people each year in britain and american? ahaha where did you hear that? any proof? why did hitler decided to hunt the jews down instead of muslims? you are hated by all people, in europe and middle east, and in america too

  17. look during war time anything can happen people can die which are not targets but thsoe children can grow and will grow given some time ‘If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared’and they wil blow themselves up,muslims kill thousands of people each year,in britain in america in iraq afghanistan,the armenian genocide which was commited by Taliat pasha and Enver pasha who were both muslims from urself should admit islam is evil


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