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50 Arab TV channels to show launching of ‘A Distinguished Woman’

Cairo, 6 April 2010 – Over 50 Arab TV channels will simultaneously broadcast tomorrow the launching of “A Distinguished Woman” programme, presented by Rihab Zain Al-din . The programme, will be broadcast under the supervision of its Executive Director Mustafa Salamh, who is also the Secretary General of the Arab Producers Union for TV (APUTV).

It will be the first of its kind to run across the Arab world in the same time.

The Distinguished Woman Program is a social programme, aiming to remedy women issues most suffered from in the Arab World. The program will focus the lens on distinguished women, who have given their time and ardent efforts to continuously help their societies. The program will also showcase women samples that have endured the different stages from hurdles and difficulties to reach where they are now, successful in different fields and talents.

The White Hands Campaign was launched last December 2008 during the 4th Arab Producer’s Forum held in the Arab League in Cairo, Egypt. It aims to shed light on those that provide with great efforts, activism, and ambitions to help their societies, especially Arab women, and First Ladies from the Arab World. The Distinguished Woman program is considered one of the ideas of the campaign with the cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund.

Meanwhile, in an announcement from the Secretariat General for Joint Broadcasting’s founder, the distinguished media personal, Mustafa Salamah, that the Secretariat General is a dream he strived to achieve for along time.

He added, “It is a dream that I have always waited for, and I am happy that it has received its full support from APUTV.”


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