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The Rainbow That Never Was

Product Description
When Jo Murdoch wanted something, she usually got it! This time she wanted to go to the exotic Hill City of Farfara.

She was stunningly beautiful. Her golden hair and mesmerizing blue eyes stole many a heart. Yet, her desire for adventure propelled her into a web of intrigue and ancient legend that rocked the destinies of all those involved with her during her visit to the Middle East.

Two generations of life are vividly drawn during the course of the story. Set in Dubai, in The United Arab Emirates, a place where the ancient meets modern, it is the tale of an American family that encounters riches, fame and adventure. It is a tale of love . . . and death.

But, does the saga end here? Or will it carry over to the next generation?

The Rainbow That Never Was


  1. An exceptionally well written story by a first time author. Enjoyed a well illustrated middle eastern culture, and controversies that surrounded the arab-american relation, so depicted in the tale.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Very Interesting
    I found the book quite fast paced, and very interesting. The ending was quite unusual, and I thought the horror side of the story was very true to life, in fact, half way through the book, I kept the book to one side as it was midnight and I was getting goose pimples.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. In this exceptionally well-written novel, author Ayadh Farooq weaves a story of spirituality and astral projection, of loss and rebirth –a stunning achievement that fans of inspirational fiction everywhere won’t want to miss. Set in the exotic United Arab Emirates — a place where ancient meets modern — Eternal Life is the action-filled tale of a pair of honeymooners who fall into adventure in the form of illusions, curses and danger that tests their willingness to sacrifice all for love. This story has a wealth of information about the Arabian culture, tastefully blended into the background plot. With a dosage of sex,murder, mystery, a spiritual message and the supernatural mixed into its fast-paced plot, this is one of those books that you’ll wish would never end.
    Rating: 5 / 5


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