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Slavery, Terrorism & Islam – Revised & Expanded Edition

Product Description
Dr. Peter Hammond’s new book: SLAVERY, TERRORISM & ISLAM – The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat is a fascinating, well illustrated and thoroughly documented response to the relentless anti-Christian propaganda that has been generated by Muslim and Marxist groups and by Hollywood film makers. As Karl Marx declared: The first battlefield is the re-writing of History! Slavery, Terrorism & Islam sets the record straight with chapters on Muhammad, the Caliphas and Jihad , The Oppression of Women in Islam , The Sources of Islam and The Scourge of Slavery the Rest of the Story . With over 200 pictures and 15 maps and charts, this book is richly illustrated. It consists of 16 chapters and 13 very helpful appendixes including demographic maps of the spread of Islam, a Glossary of Islamic Terms, a comparison of Muslim nations’ military spending vs. their national prosperity, a chart on how Jihad works depending on the percentage of Muslims in the population and guidelines for Muslim evangelism.

Slavery, Terrorism & Islam – Revised & Expanded Edition


  1. Before ordering a copy from Amazon (which hasn’t arrived yet), I got a copy from Wheaton College on inter-library loan. The copy I got on loan only has 118 pages, I hope the 180 pp. version I ordered from Amazon has bigger print. One person I talked to about the book who has decades of experience with Islam and loves the Muslem people, calls it “alarminst.” True, but there is much to be alarmed about. I have a dear Christian friend working for Christ in the soutern Sudan. What I read in the book inspires me to be constantly in prayer for her and others doing similar work.

    I’ve been concerned about the growth of Islam in my city. Have visited their mosque and madressa and wondere how we can learn to effectively lead Muslims to Christ as their Savior and Lord. This book is feactual, recent motivation.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Still reading, but am learning lots. Been looking for a book to assist understanding what makes the Muslims we read about tick. Intend to do some discovery re accuracy, etc of book.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. This is a review of the expanded second edition of SLAVERY, TERRORISM & ISLAM: THE HISTORICAL ROOTS AND CONTEMPORARY THREAT by Dr. Peter Hammond founder and director of Frontline Fellowship in Cape Town, South Africa. Rev. Hammond has done Christian outreach in such war torn areas as Sudan, Angola and Mozambique. This is the “front line” from which his views of Islam originate.

    And they are dark visions. Rev. Hammond details massacres, slavery, colonization and terrorism by Islam in many of those distant areas and the view he presents the reader is one we don’t often see in the West. Islam isn’t “the religion of peace” in Rev. Hammond’s interesting book. It’s a religion of war and world conquest.

    Hammond’s views are controversial enough that the government of Sudan has declared officially through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs website that he “should expect to be shot on sight!” Rev. Hammond, however, does not treat Muslims the way they treat Christians.

    Instead, he writes of the many wonderful individual Muslims he’s met and how it’s his duty as a Christian to “share the Gospel” with them. Rev. Hammond doesn’t exhort his fellow Christians to war. Instead, he exhorts us to knowledge of what Islam really involves. He makes a persuasive argument that Muhammad was a False Prophet who deceived his followers.

    He calls upon us as Christians to recognize the dangers which make up this False Prophet’s legacy and to resist them peacefully through prayer and evangelical outreach to them. The dark legacy of Islam is based on ignorance and fear, he explains. It will fall to the Light of Truth.

    Rev. Hammond is a good writer in addition to being a fearless witness. His book is organized by topic for quick reference rather than presented as an integrated narrative.

    I found it useful and informative and gave it five stars.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. This is a well-documented book, one which I would suggest every Muslim should read. But there is an error on page 65, where it is said that Muhammad died of a fever. In fact, he had been poisoned by a Jewess he had taken as concubine, whose father, uncle, and husband he had killed.

    This can be found on Google “The death of Muhammad” where it is fully explained.

    Here is a brief summary:

    Muhammad attacked Khaibar. He destroyed, tortured, murdered, plundered, and enslaved many people (ref Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir, volume 2, page 134, 136, 137). They were not preparing to attack him. A Jewish woman, whose family had been wiped out by Muhammad, put poison into a lamb and fed it to Muhammad and the other Muslims. Muhammad ingested some of the poisoned lamb and began to feel its effects. He died three years later as a result of the poisoning.

    Thank you for an interesting book.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. This little book is a goldmine of information on the Islamic slave trade, Islamic invasions of Christian lands, the Crusades as a reaction to Islamic aggression, and, in particular, a detailed study of Islamic brutality toward women and non-Muslims. Purchase as many copies of this book as you can afford and spread the word.

    A BRIEF OVERVIEW: If you are looking for an in-depth study on Islamic slavery and terrorism, then look elsewhere; but, if you want a brief overview of these topics, then go no further. This 182 page book has 16 chapters (averaging nine pages per chapter) with each chapter divided into easily digested sections (an average section covers a page or less). The bibliography on page 175 lists 21 books and seven websites that you can consult for more information. The book has 177 pictures, nine maps, three graphs, and 13 appendixes. The appendixes cover the following topics:

    I. Glossary of Islamic Terms

    II. Who’s Who in Islam

    III. Proselytizing to Peace – Jihad in Action (Violence level as Muslim population increases)

    IV. Map showing the spread of Islam

    V. Map showing percentage of Muslims by country

    VI. Map showing population density of Muslims

    VII. Muslim Population by Country

    VIII. Muslim Growth Rate

    IX. Three charts showing: Military Spending, National Prosperity, Prosperity & Corruption

    X. Churchill on Islam

    XI. Death Threats from Muslim Extremists

    XII. Islamic Attacks on Christ and the Bible with Blasphemies, Lies and Distortions

    XIII. Reformation or Islamisation (part of which I include in this review)

    The following is a list of chapter headings with a few comments and notes (space does not permit a thorough review of these chapters):

    Chapter I (“The Scourge of Slavery”) The Trans-Atlantic slave trade is well documented, but, as Dr. Hammond points out, “surprisingly little attention has been given to the Islamic slave trade across the Sahara, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.” The horrors of the Islamic slave trade are described in graphic detail.

    Chapter 2 (“Uprooting Terrorism”) Of particular interest is the “Africa for Islam” section on page 20. “In October 1995 Muammar Gaddafi hosted a two-week conference in Tripoli, which was attended by Muslim Leaders from 80 countries. At this Muslim Leaders Conference, strategies to transform Africa into an Islamic continent were discussed.”

    Chapter 3 (“Resisting Shari’a in Nigeria”) Islamic law (Shari’a) is based on the Quran (Koran) and the Hadith (“The collection of traditions about the life of Muhammad.”). You will learn about the burning of churches and the murder of Christians by Muslims. As the Chairman of the Bureau for Islamic Propagation, Bashir Othman Tofa declared: “… these dangerous devils calling themselves Christians… we Muslims cannot sacrifice our religion or our self-respect for any type of peaceful co-existence…”

    Chapter 4 (“Jihad – Islamic Holy War”) Under the Jihad of Shari’a law, “non-Muslims are degraded to a lower class status and are denied equal access to the law because their testimony is not valid against a Muslim.” In this chapter, you will also learn about various kinds of Jihad: the “Jihad of the Sword,” the “Jihad of Taxation and Financial Reward,” the “Jihad of Slavery,” the “Jihad of Polygamy,” and the “Jihad of the Spirits.”

    Chapter 5 (“Islam According to the Reformers”) A brief chapter on the writings of early church reformers concerning the threat posed by Islam.

    Chapter 6 (“The Sources of Islam”) How Muhammad plagiarized and corrupted the teachings of Judaism and Christianity. Other sources for the Quran are also considered.

    Chapter 7 (“Muhammad, the Caliphas and Jihad”) What sort of person was Muhammad? According to his followers, he was the “perfect” man, but the historical record gives a different view of the “prophet.” For example, the “Hadith records the names of at least 27 individuals who were murdered on Muhammad’s orders.” “Muhammad arranged for practically all the Jews living in Arabia to either be killed or exiled from their homes and country.” We learn about the occupation of Spain by the Moors, “The Pact of Umar” (the Islamic policy toward Christians), why the Crusades were launched, and more in this chapter.

    Chapter 8 (“Women in Islam”) Polygamy, physical abuse of women, female mutilation, honor killings, are just a few of the topics covered in this chapter.

    Chapter 9 (“The Challenge of Islam”) Historical errors in the Quran, the Five Fundamentals Muslims must believe in, the Six Pillars of Islam, and what the Quran teaches about Jesus are covered.

    Chapter 10 (“Comparing the Bible with the Quran”) I will quote the first two sentences of this chapter: “The Bible is 66 books written by 40 different prophets and apostles, in 3 languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek), on 3 continents (Africa, Asia and Europe). Over 1500 years. The Quran is one book, written by one author, in one language, in one geographical area, over 23 years.”

    Chapter 11 (“Challenging Muslims”) 16 questions to ask Muslims are listed in this chapter.

    Chapter 12 (“Guidelines for Muslim Evangelism”) Listed are some general guidelines for Muslim evangelism.

    Chapter 13 (“Slavery Today and the Battle over History”) A few personal experiences are related by Dr. Hammond.

    Chapter 14 (“Muslim Evangelism in Universities”) Dr. Hammond relates some of his experiences on college campuses.

    Chapter 15 (“The Crusades and Jihad”) In 1999, Dr. Hammond undertook a study of the crusades and Jihad. This chapter is a summary of what he learned. He also criticizes the inaccuracies portrayed in Ridley Scott’s epic “Kingdom of Heaven.” This is a film which “presents one of the worst distortions of history seen on any screen in recent years. Focusing on the fall of Jerusalem, in AD 1187, to Saladin’s Muslim armies, this anti-Christian, politically correct revisionism gets everything wrong.”

    Chapter 16 (“The End of Islam”) There is so much that I could mention about this chapter, for example, the Muslim myth that Islam is a tolerant (“peaceful”) religion. One important myth put to rest in this book is the claim that “there is only one Quran and it has never been changed.” As Dr. Hammond points out on page 137, “the third Calipa Uthman forcibly standardized the many variations of the Quran by demanding that all versions and copies of the Quran had to be surrendered – under pain of death – for destruction. At the end, Uthman issued a new, revised, standardized version of the Quran which endures to this day.”

    AN EXCERPT FROM DR. HAMMOND’S BOOK: In Appendix XIII, Dr. Hammond makes the following observation, “A recent report published in Christian News by CFT warned that Europe is dying by failure to have enough children. Patrick Buchanan in ‘The Death of the West’ projected that, if present trends continue, by the end of the century Europe’s population will have plummeted from 728 million to 207 million.

    “Gene Veith of World notes: ‘Thanks to contraceptive technology, sex has become separated from child bearing. With women pursuing careers of their own and men getting sex without the responsibility of marriage, why bother with children? For many women and men, pregnancy has become an unpleasant side effect, something to prevent with contraceptives or easily treated with a trip to the abortion clinic.’

    “Christian News from CFT quotes Allan Carlson as saying: ‘A pervasive hedonism…permeates the West…What’s ironic however is that this pursuit of personal pleasure and wealth may result in economic ruin.’ Veith lists some of the disastrous consequences of population decline: ‘Citizens are not just consumers, but producers. Having fewer people can wreak havoc on an economy, creating both a labor shortage and a shortage of buyers. Dwindling populations have always signaled cultural decline, with less creativity, energy and vitality on every level of society.’

    “‘The great party of Western hedonism will not last much longer. There is an iron law in history: the future belongs to the fertile. Just as the clan centered, child rich Barbarian tribes of the Germans swept away the sensuous and sterile Western Roman Empire, so shall new barbarians arise.’

    “By abandoning its Christian heritage, aborting its babies, embracing hedonism and perversion, demanding unlimited personal freedoms, Europe is heading towards the repression of Islamic Sharia law. By rejecting Christianity, Europe is in danger of falling under Islamic totalitarianism.

    “The combined effects of affluence and a rapidly falling birthrate have made Western Europe a magnet for millions of impoverished Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East. And with most Europeans embracing a practical atheism or a fuzzy new age spirituality, they are incapable of comprehending, let alone effectively dealing with, radical Islam. THAT, IN A NUTSHELL, IS THE PROBLEM [my emphasis].” (See page 172.)


    If you believe Islam is a peaceful religion, then read Robert Spencer’s “The Truth about Muhammad.”

    If you believe Islam is not a threat to Western Civilization, then read Bruce Bawer’s “While Europe Slept.”

    If you’re a woman, then read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s “Infidel.”

    If you’re an African-American, then read the book being reviewed.

    If you’re a concerned Jew, then read Mark Gabriel’s “Islam and the Jews: The Unfinished Battle.”

    If you’re a Christian, then read Walid Shoebat’s “God’s War on Terror.” *

    If you’re a Muslim, then read all of the above.

    If you want to remain ignorant, then go back to the boob tube.

    * I would also recommend Joel Richardson’s “The Islamic Antichrist.”

    “The sword of Muhammad and the Quran are the most fatal enemies of civilization, liberty and truth which the world has yet known. … an unmitigated cultural disaster parading as God’s will…” William Muir.

    Rating: 5 / 5


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