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Cashel Cool Fly Mask Long Nose – No Ears – Arab

  • Blocks 70% of the sun’s damaging UV rays!
  • No more messy sunscreen for those sensitive muzzles!
  • Easy to use with sturdy velcro straps.

Product Description
The Crusader TM Fly Mask, with its patented three-hole cap eliminates forelock damage and ensures comfort with its unique design that stays put while your horse is stalled or turned out in the pasture. Soft coated nylon micro mesh blocks 70% of the suns damaging UV rays and protects the sensitive, soft tissues of the eyes and forehead. The Long nose feature of the Crusader Fly Mask help sheild the nose area of horses with pink skin and swarming insects. US Patent No. 6,128,891.

Cashel Cool Fly Mask Long Nose – No Ears – Arab


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