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The Cultural Heritage of Arabs, Islam, and the Middle East

Product Description
This book provides first-hand information about who Arabs are, how they interact within Arab society, their mores, customs, habits, cultural obligations, and taboos. Topics covered in the book include:

• Arab identity and social character
• The concept of honor, dishonor, lost honor, shame, retaliation, and the restoration of honor in Arab society
• Arab dignity and pride
• Fatalism
• Social etiquette and social interaction within Arab society
• Doing business in the Arab world (what Americans must know in order to succeed in the Middle East)
• The historical roots of Islam, its founder and prophet, Muhammad, and Islam’s basic tenets
• Usama Bin Ladin and his appeal within the Arab world
• The impact of the Israel factor on Arab-American relationships

The book is a must-read for Americans in the post-September 11th era to understand Arab perceptions of Americans, what they find positive and admirable about the West, and what they find offensive and unacceptable.

The Cultural Heritage of Arabs, Islam, and the Middle East


  1. I just love reading anything about the Middle East so I loved this book. Also it goes really in depth and teaches things about the culture that you might not find anywhere else. The author is writing from experience and has good credentials.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. This book is absolutely terrific. Gives incredible, unbiased insight into the complexities of Arabic society and culture. A must read for anyone who hopes to understand the Muslim world.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. This is not just another book about Islam. I found this book to be a hands-on practical guide to the real world of multi-cultural interaction between the West and the Middle East. It is a book for those who desire immediate guidance on, and knowledge of, Arab culture. The American author has had a unique life-long experience living and working in the Arab world. As a child, he was probably more native “Arab” in his upbringing than American. His experience gives him unique insight as to how the Westerner and the Middle Eastern Arab perceive each other. Without cultural sensitivity and a basic understanding of the Arab Middle East, misunderstandings will occur between cultures. The book gives wonderful examples of how seemingly simple interactions between Westerners and Middle Eastern Arabs can go wrong. The author describes elements of the cord of common identity of Middle Eastern Arabs. This includes discussions and examples of the language, the manner of emotional expression, the music, food, religion, humor, dress, the norms of public and private behavior, and of wrong and right. I recommend this book for all Westerners who seek to conduct business with Arabs in the Middle East. I also highly recommend it for all Foreign Service Officers and military academies. It is a wonderful book for university courses in sociology, international relations, and Middle Eastern studies. And, if you are an American who plans to travel and visit the Middle East, take time to read this book and become more culturally sensitive as to how to dress and behave appropriately. Also learn a few Arab expressions to try while visiting. Avoid the appearance of the “ugly American tourist” and enrich your life with the wonderful opportunities of being a good world neighbor!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Professor Baker has written a book on the Arab people which has never been written before. Unlike what is found in the media today, professor Baker puts a face on the Arabs as a people. Because he has spent so much of his life among Arabs, he is able to see Arabs as they really are and honestly passes this information on to the reader.
    This book is the most accurate representation of Arabs I have ever seen and should be read by all Americans especially U.S. government employees in the State Department and members of the U.S. military who plan to work or travel to the Middle East. This book provides knowledge and insight into the Arabs which will make the American experience in the Middle East more effective and accurate. I give this book five-stars for its accuracy and honesty.
    Rating: 5 / 5


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