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Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts

  • ISBN13: 9780976910084
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Product Description
In the aftermath of the tragedy of 9/11, journalist, teacher, and peace advocate Samar Jarrah found herself called upon by her small Florida community, as well as impelled from within, to dispel stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims. After three years of speaking to audiences of up to 800 Americans—in churches, at events of professional associations and other organizations, and at peace rallies, Ms. Jarrah had a vision. If governments would do nothing to combat misunderstanding between Americans and Arabs, then she would open a direct dialogue between these peoples.

Thus, Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts was conceived. But how? A second inspiration prompted Ms. Jarrah to email a great variety of friends, family, and professional contacts in the U.S. and assemble over 100 questions that Americans wanted to ask Arabs and Muslims. A naturalized American citizen herself since 1994, Jarrah then spent the month of October 2004 in Egypt, Jordan, and Kuwait asking these questions.

The remarkable result is found in these pages. Important themes recur throughout the 12 interviews. First, most of those interviewed liked Americans—some even had relatives married to Americans. Many of those interviewed had studied in America and admired Americans as a friendly and enterprising people. Most of these also admired the American form of government.

Yet nearly all of the interviewees disliked current American polices toward the Middle East, especially those of the Bush administration, as well as long-standing American foreign policy toward the problem of Palestine. These two issues, along with the Iraqi war, mostly angered the Arab men and women interviewed. Yet, viewpoints varied. Some thought that American efforts to bring democracy to the Middle East were good, while others said that democracy in Arab countries could only come from within. Some thought that American troops should remain in Iraq and some did not. One theme flows throughout the book—all those interviewed were delighted to be asked to describe their lives and views to Americans—and to ask similar questions of Americans.

Thus, Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts provides a cross-section of Arab society in thought—as well as in gender, age, and even religion. Of the 4 women and 8 men who speak in the book, ages range from 19 to 66, and 9 are Muslim and 3 Christian. The interviews were conducted randomly. All but one are “average” people—ordinary citizens of their countries, although most are well-educated. One is a well-known woman film director Jarrah’s follow-up to Arab Voices Speak will be a book based on the questions that her Arabic interviewees and others in the Arab world wanted to ask the American people directly. Ms. Jarrah also has several other books planned.

Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts


  1. […]

    I know Mrs. Jarrah personally and have worked with her. She has been my mentor for several years now and I admire her greatly. She has a wonderful heart and admirable aspirations.

    This book is EXCELLENT. Samar captures the voices of ordinary Arabs by asking them questions posed by ordinary Americans. Her findings are eye opening and awe inspiring. After reading this book you realize even more that the people of the Middle East are human beings just like us.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. This author has been wrongfully slandred and acussed of many things that were all untrue. All pods have been attacked by one individual. If we do nothing our figures will continue to plummet. We must unite, with a retalitory strike, or we will never sell anothr copy. His MO is to write reviws using the authors name and make it look like someone else. The number one POD had to be removed because of this and any one of us could be next. His slandrs have gone from prank to criminl as he thretned

    n authr with racsts remaks. I have written in code because Amazn blocks certain words from being reviwed. My name will reval the culprit, my quots will be my emal, please repli. He must be stpped or our boks will suffr.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I’ve bought this book a few weeks ago and I was facscinated by the facts that I read from ordinary Arab citizens. As an American it made me change the way I view Arabs (Muslims and Christians) in the Middle East and it also made me understand more about our foreign policy and Middle East politics.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. this book is insightful to all americans who wish to know how arabs view the american world and culture .this will make clear all the mis-judgements americans make of the arab world.its also important for arabs to read this book because it will help them know what questions americans have about the arab people,culture,politics and religion.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Ms Jarrah has accomplished, in this eminently readable book, what politicians, talking heads and Karen Hughes (our roving,

    ‘capturing the hearts and minds’ goodwill ambassador) has not – an attempt at genuine bridge building, and direct dialogue between the two worlds, leading, hopefully, to a lasting peace through understanding.

    Su C
    Rating: 5 / 5


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