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Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority’s Senior Management Trains in Singapore

Abu Dhabi, June 21st, 2010 — Managers and Directors of Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) have undergoing five days training at Singapore’s Civil Service College as part of the tourism body’s leadership development programme.

Some 27 senior ADTA staff, including 11 women managers, completed the �Moving from Managing to Leading’, course which focussed on key leadership and management issues and allowed the team to experience the successful Singaporean approach.

“This is part of a comprehensive programme to develop and upgrade the skills and knowledge of our UAE national management team. A lot of attention is directed to training our young UAE national managers and directors because they constitute 71% of ADTA’s management,” Mubarak Hamad Al Muhairi, Director General ADTA explained. “The training is putting the MoU signed with Singapore 18 months ago into action.” “Singapore is something of a role model as the country has achieved international success in economic and resource development, has fostered a strong tourism economy and is constantly upgrading its human resources skills.” The Dean of the Civil Service College, Lionel Yeo said the presence of the Abu Dhabi delegation in the Lion City underlines deepening bilateral ties in the training arena.

“This programme has been tailored to ADTA’s needs and covers issues such as human resource management strategies, change management concepts, leadership methodologies and communication techniques,” he explained.

“Over the past months, ADTA has organised several short training courses in co-operation with distinguished universities and international institutions to develop and upgrade the skills of its staff across various departments. We are implementing long term training courses for all our employees to raise their performance output and develop their work skills,” explained Khaled Al Hashemi, ADTA’s Human Resources Director


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