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Boom in Dubai Property Investment

Boom in Dubai Property Investment

Until a few years back, buying freehold property in Dubai was not possible for foreign nationals. Property boom in Dubai only ensued after some considerable changes were made to the emirate’s property laws. Currently, Dubai real estate sector i s witnessing a rapid upward trend that’s expected to go even higher with the passage of time. Population of Dubai has grown manifold over the past few years given a sharp and growing increase in the number of expatriates. Both veteran and would-be investors across the globe are eying Dubai as the property investment paradise for a long time to come. Property for sale in Dubai has already succeeded in drawing the attention of foreign investors.

Investment in Dubai property, whether it’s buying property in Dubai for permanent relocation or business, or you simply want to cash in on the most popular investment trend in Dubai property i.e. buy-to-let, i s very lucrative. The immense development Dubai continues to undergo with massive infrastructure projects reflects the exploding need for space for the country’s multiplying populace. Given these circumstances, the boom in Dubai property market doesn’t seem to slow down at any point in the foreseeable future. These upward trends of Dubai real estate make investment in Dubai property extremely risk-free for foreign nationals and they can choose to invest in Dubai even with their eyes closed.

Nearly all of the buyers of Dubai property find property resale and buy-to-let trend as the most attractive features of property ownership in Dubai. Some recent announcements point towards Dubai’s becoming a tourist hotspot in the near future with more recreation than ever. Newer entertainment and recreation projects are underway which have already drawn a great deal of international attention. The emirate, which i s already termed as a playground in the desert, i s soon to have more to offer to the world’s recreation seekers. This much international focus means an even stronger property market potential with returns that continue to shoot up.

To the benefit of investors, though not a positive sign for the buyers with no commercial intent, the demand for Dubai property, Dubai apartment, Dubai villas or any other type of property in Dubai by far outstrips the supply. This demand/supply disparity makes Dubai property investment an extremely attractive prospect for the foreign investors. As the experts of Dubai property forecast, the market i s lucrative for the investors who already bought property in Dubai. But the market i s not so friendly for those seeking rental property right now. If you’re one of those lucky enough people who have already secured property in Dubai, you’re likely to be reaping profits. But if you’re on the lookout for a decent rental accommodation in Dubai, you might have a hard time ahead as the prices are very high and are set to rise higher.

Experts speculate that the population of Dubai will be doubled in 2010. This will turn Dubai into one of the world’s hottest destinations for expatriates and holidaymakers alike and this just bodes so exceptionally well for property investors.

Daniel Marshel i s senior real estate consultant associated with Better Homes, a leading real estate firm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He has more than 25 years of first hand experience of working in Dubai real estate market. His firm Better Homes offers online Dubai property listings, property management and property investment services.


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