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Dubai-Tuzla flight may start in July

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ABU DHABI – Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has announced that a direct air link between Dubai and Tuzla, a city some 150 kilometres north of the capital Sarajevo, will be established in July this year.

The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the UAE, Radomir Kosic-said, “the opening of direct flight route will contribute to the revitalisation of tourism and trade between the two countries.”

On the basis of Open Skies policy, the UAE, represented by the General Authority for Civil Aviation in Dubai recently signed the Agreement for the air transportation, with the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to facilitate closer cooperation in the field of air transport between the two countries.

The Ambassador noted that the first promotional trip to the new destination, heading to Tuzla from Dubai will depart on the first of July 2011. The ambassador added: “This direct link represents a leap to facilitate the movement of people of the UAE and Bosnian and Herzegovina, and is expected to contribute to improving the economic relations significantly over the coming period.

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