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HH Khalifa Urges Muslims in UAE to pay for rain

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa
His Highness Sheikh Khalifa

ABU DHABI-The President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has urged Muslims in UAE to perform prayers for rain ‘Salaat Al Istisqaa’ next Saturday at 8am across all the country’s mosques and musallas.

Shaikh Khalifa has called upon all the faithfuls living in the country to pray to God for blessing the land with rain, in accordance with the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) to seek rain from Allah

How to perform Salaat-e-Istisqa ( The Prayer for rain )

This prayer is performed when seeking rain from Allah during times of drought.  There are several Hadiths regarding this prayers and prophet had performed it several times in his tenure.

It may be performed in one of the following manners:
-1- The imam prays, with the followers, two rak’at during any time except during Zawaal.
-2- The supplication for rain can also be made on the occasion of Salatul Jumuah. In this case, the imam makes supplications during Khutbatu al-Jumuah with the people of the congregation saying (Ameen).
-3- One may also make a prayer for rain without it being Friday and regardless of whether or not the prayer takes place inside or outside the mosque

Prayer for rain
Prayer for rain



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