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Eid ul Adha on 8th Dec

Dubai and rest of UAE will celebrate the Eid ul Adha on 8th of December. Muslims celbrate the the great example of sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (Ibraham) & his some Ismaili (Ishael) on this day. To comomrate the scrifice people sacrifice their good healthy Halal animals in the name of God and destribute 1/3rd among poors 1/3rd among relatives and 1/3 in their own homes.

While people at home scrifice the people who have travelled for the pilgrimage to Haj perform the rituals of Haj During these days.

President HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, will receive Eid Al Adha well wishers at Al Mushrif Palace on the first day of Eid.

For the visitors specially non Muslims it is time to learn and see this unique way of charity. Dubai will have many events and programs During this day. The hotels and restaurants will server special Arabic Meat Dishes.

Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) Has announced special events during the Eid Holidays. DSF has named its latest themed promotions as “Eid in Dubai” The events will include the following.

The celebrations will feature events for children and families with international cartoon stage shows and cultural events in select locations in Dubai.

Airport Expo Dubai will host cartoon theatre shows,
Dubai Festival City will host the Eid District.
Dubai Mall and the Global Village are also playing host to Eid activities.

Barney’s Musical Castle Show

Branney is popular fun-loving purple dinosaur cartoon character shown in children’s television show Barney & Friends. The Barney’s Musical Castle Show will incorporate elements of the television series to present an edutainment show that will appeal to all during Eid. 

Return of the Phoenix by Rahbani Brothers

In its first Debut out of Lebanon, the critically acclaimed Musical saga Return of the Phoenix will be one of the main highlights of Eid in Dubai. Written, composed and directed by the famous Rahbani Family, this master peace is a sure crowd puller for all genders and nationalities, and a great way of spending a family Eid evening.

International Concerts

Featuring a combination of Arab, Persian, and Asian star artists, various concerts during Eid will be held to suit the tastes of all music lovers. Spanning different genres, these concerts will enhance the spirit of ‘Eid in Dubai’.  

Children Theatrical Plays

Kids will also have their share of fun as Eid in Dubai will feature several entertaining theatrical performances for children. Local and regional theatre hits will add excitement and joy to all children celebrating Eid in Dubai.

Festival District at Dubai Festival City   

Accommodating fun-filled activities during ‘Eid in Dubai’, the Festival District will feature as one among the main entertainment venues during the event, hosting family oriented activities and cultural programmes. 

Parks and Heritage and Diving Village Events

Dubai’s numerous parks and the Heritage and Diving Village host Eid events every year and in the first edition of ‘Eid in Dubai’, these venues will be additional great family venues through the Eid Celebrations.

Eid Fireworks

Fireworks are a hallmark of festivities in Dubai and it will now lend its dazzling colours to ‘Eid in Dubai’ by lighting up the night sky each evening during Eid. The spectacular fireworks show will be held at the Dubai Festival City waterfront and go on for twenty minutes.

Fuwallat-Al-Eid –  Eid Confectionery Platter

Whether in Dubai Airport, Shopping Malls or the main venues of the Event, visitors will be greeted with a warm Eid welcome and a wholeheartedly smile while being offered Arabic incense and sweets in addition to Fuwallat-Al-Eid.

Fuwallat-Al-Eid is a custom that has been recorded in local tradition spanning many generations. It is centered on welcoming guests on the day of Eid-Al-Fitr with Eid food and sweets.

Eid Promotions

Eid shopping is another long lasting Eid tradition, where families rush to buy gifts, clothes, jewelry and various other offerings. Eid in Dubai will boost Eid Shopping by presenting a range of tempting promotions that will span across the last two weeks of Ramadan building up to Eid days.

Shopping malls, Hotels, and members of Dubai Gold and Jewelry Group will dress up for the occasion to reflect the joyous spirit of Eid while retail shops will attract shoppers with bargains specially designed for Eid. Jewelry enthusiasts can also look forward to dazzling gold promotions organized by key retailers within the Gold and Jewelry Industry.


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