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Flydubai prepares its pilots and crew

Flydubai, Dubai’s first low-cost airline has annouced that it has completed the selection process of its air pilots and crew in preparation for the its launch.

The Flydubai Airline received more than 11,500 applications in the past few months from flight and cabin crew keen to join flydubai before its launch in a few months.

So far, 80 cabin crew have been appointed from the 3,500 applicants. The first group of 21 cabin crew and 24 captains are currently undergoing training in preparation for flydubai’s launch in a few months’ time.

Flydubai’s Routes will include destinations within four and a half hours’ flying time from Dubai. Flydubai will operate a fleet of new Next-Generation Boeing 737-800s, each with 189 economy class seats. The airline said it will announce details of its initial routes soon, it will operate from Dubai airport’s Terminal 2.

Kenneth Gile, flydubai’s chief operating officer, said he was satisfied with the pilots the airline has hired.

“On average, they each have more than 4,000 hours serving as captains in similar aircraft and a total experience of more than 8,000 flying hours – this is impressive by any standard. Candidate screening and selection is now complete and we thank Emirates for their valuable support, expertise and experience throughout this process,” he said in a statement.

Flydubai pilots include senior managers, chief pilots, chief technical pilots, director of flight operations and several certified type rating examiners (TRE), which represents the highest accomplishment a pilot can obtain.

“We have had a huge response from applicants who are keen to come and join us, which shows the excitement amongst flight crew at the prospect of joining a new and exciting airline and also demonstrates that Dubai is still seen as an attractive place to live and work. Flydubai aims to provide the best possible service and value to our customers and of course with the utmost of safety and professionalism, so we are especially pleased to have such experienced pilots on our team,” said Gaith Al Gaith, CEO of flydubai.


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