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Abu Dhabi reinforces its position as global tourism destination

ABU DHABI, 30th December, 2018 — The Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism has made many achievements, in light of the emergence of specialist tourism trends and its efforts to improve local tourism infrastructure and to inaugurate new attractions that combine originality, modernity and hospitality.

These achievements have positively affected the number of visitors to the emirate and its hotel occupancy rates. During the first eight months of 2018, hotels in Abu Dhabi received 1,323,239 visitors, an increase of 5.8 percent compared to last year. Also, the emirate’s 162 hotels, resorts and hotel apartments received 477,606 visitors in August, an increase of 45,000 compared to the same month last year.

The area of Al Hosn, which was launched at the start of December 2018, is an important addition to Abu Dhabi’s tourism sector. The site has a special historical importance, as it contains the oldest building in Abu Dhabi, which is a surveillance tower that was built from sea stone in about 1795.

Al Hosn is located in the center of Abu Dhabi as the first planned urban square in the emirate, and is an urban memorial that reflects the city’s development from a region settled by tribes to one of the world’s most beautiful modern cities.

Al Hosn also offers a historic account of the history of Abu Dhabi, and the important dialogues that took place within its walls.

In 2018, the department launched the “Bait Al Gahwa” (House of Coffee), to preserve, promote and support local heritage and reintroduce traditional Arabian coffee culture. Bait Al Gahwa also conducts a training programme on traditional practices, which were documented and presented to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO. It also enables its participants to receive a license to manage a business in the area of culture and tourism that represent the UAE’s heritage.

During “UAE Innovation Month” in February 2018, the department launched “Abu Dhabi Culture,” which is a comprehensive digital platform that gathers historic and cultural information and the schedule of artistic and cultural activities and events in Abu Dhabi.

The department also aims to encourage visitors to explore authentic cultural heritage landmarks in Al Ain, including locations listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

In 2019, the department will intensify its efforts to strengthen Abu Dhabi’s stature as a leading international tourism and cultural destination, as well as an ideal destination for entertainment and family holidays, through the launch of “Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi,” and the anticipated opening of the entertainment project, “CLYMB.” Two major shopping centres will also open.

The department is also promoting business tourism and spreading awareness about tourism attractions and tours in Al Ain, Al Dhafra, and Abu Dhabi City. The Abu Dhabi Conferences Office, a branch of the department, is focussing on several specialised sectors.

The department is continuing to launch cultural and heritage infrastructure projects, to keep pace with the new requirements of visitors, including the current reconstruction and redevelopment of Al Ain Museum, which will continue until the final quarter of 2020


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