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COVID-19: Live entertainment permitted within Dubai hotels

Dubai Tourism has issued a circular to hospitality venues, seen by What’s On, outlining that entertainment is once again permitted in Dubai hotels. Entertainment can be held in any indoor or outdoor restaurant, as well as at pools and common areas within hotels.

At the moment, nightclubs, bars and dance floors are excluded from this new rule. Group bands are also not allowed, all entertainers must be solo performers including musicians, DJs, and stage show artists.

The entertainers must wear a mask at all times, and must stay on the stage throughout their performance, without coming close to interact with the audience. The guidelines state that customers are not permitted to sit at the bar on stools.

Crowds are not allowed in any area, for spectating or dancing etc. and physical distancing must be followed at all times. As per the overall guidelines, staff and customers should be screened on entry and all surfaces should be regularly disinfected.

The circular made it clear that a clubbing ambiance is not allowed, this means crowding, dancing, flashes etc are not permitted. Guests should not queue outside a venue, nor should there be a waiting area inside.

If you need to pop outside the venue, you will be re-screened on your way back in. All customer-facing staff, kitchen staff and cleaners are required to wear a mask and gloves at all times.

While this sounds like a lot of strict rules, it’s another step in the direction of opening back up the city, and providing work opportunities for Dubai’s entertainers.

Please note that venues are required to apply for a permit for every performer that they hire, so it could be a few days before you start to see your favourite acts back on stage.


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