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How Dubai residents are keeping safe during the pandemic

Dubai residents are trend setters. They come from many different countries brings many different values, culture and trends with the, During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Dubai residents are taking all necessary precautions to keep themselves safe. The face masks, hand sanatisers, hand washes, anti bacterial soaps have hig demand in the city. Here is a look at how Dubai residents are keeping themseves safe from Pandemic.

Using hand sanetiser in Shopping mall
A resident checks out facemasks at a dedicated section in shopping mall. Masks are no longer of the bland surgical variety; they have become a mode of self-expression. Today, people wear masks that are made to match with their outfits for functions and events.
Although COVID-19 numbers in the UAE are under control, residents continue to buy sanitisers to help them fight off an infection.
A resident shops for a sanitiser in a supermarket. The best way to kill the new coronavirus and prevent its spread during the pandemic is to wash hands frequently with soap and water, or to use a hand sanitiser that contains at least 60 per cent alcohol.
A mannequin dressed in protective gear is deployed in a shopping centre to attract customers. PPE kits are the order of the day in times of COVID-19.
Superior Infection Prevention
Not wearing mask is an offence under UAE law, with the penalty including a fine as hefty as Dh3,000.


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