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Al Quoz Creative Entrepreneurship Forum to take place in November

DUBAI, 10th August, 2023 — Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) has unveiled plans for the Al Quoz Creative Entrepreneurship Forum, scheduled to take place at Al Quoz Creative Zone on 2nd and 3rd November 2023.

The forum aims to accentuate the significance of Dubai’s cultural and creative industries sector, along with the unparalleled investment and developmental prospects it offers. In addition to celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit, the event empowers visionaries to transform their ideas into thriving projects and make their businesses as self-sustainable as possible.

This endeavour is intended to nurture skills, open up communication opportunities, and encourage a competitive environment. The initiative aligns with Dubai Culture’s dedication to investing in and supporting emerging talent, ultimately contributing to the realisation of the emirate’s cultural vision. This initiative falls within the framework of Dubai Culture’s commitments to invest in and support young practitioners, working towards achieving the emirate’s cultural vision to cement Dubai’s position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent.

Dubai Culture is facilitating the inaugural Al Quoz Creative Entrepreneurship Forum that will include a rich programme of keynote sessions and panel discussions led by esteemed experts within the cultural and creative industries. These will be complemented by interactive workshops, networking opportunities, and exciting events, all geared towards nurturing business ingenuity and enriching the emirate’s creative landscape.

The Authority has launched the Al Quoz Creative Entrepreneurship Competition in conjunction with the forum, aiming to boost competition among creative minds and inspire groundbreaking business ideas. This initiative strengthens Dubai’s cultural and creative industries, inspires entrepreneurship growth, and aligns with the Dubai Creative Economy Strategy. The competition presents a unique opportunity for exposure and validation, with the award acting as a catalyst for business growth, enabling winners to invest in their ideas, develop prototypes, scale operations, and explore new market opportunities. By promoting innovation and driving economic growth, the Al Quoz Creative Entrepreneurship Competition empowers talented individuals in the cultural and creative industries, hopefully transforming their visions into thriving businesses.

Dubai Culture will be accepting applications for the competition from 10th to 31st August. Shortlisted applicants will have the opportunity of presenting their business ideas at the Al Quoz Creative Entrepreneurship Forum before a distinguished panel comprising industry experts, investors, and forum partners. The ultimate winner will receive a substantial monetary grant of AED 50,000, along with a range of valuable support packages.

Khulood Khoory, Director of the Projects & Events Department at Dubai Culture, affirmed that Dubai has become a magnet for creative talent worldwide, thanks to the exceptional opportunities it offers them, saying, “Dubai has an attractive and supportive environment for the cultural and creative industries sector, thanks to an integrated ecosystem that embraces emerging entrepreneurial projects and works to accelerate its growth through a set of initiatives and programmes that contribute to transforming them into successful and sustainable projects, making the emirate one of the best cities in the world to live, work, and invest in.”

Khoory stressed the importance of the forum and its role in developing a culture of innovation within the creative community, adding, “Dubai Culture, through the forum, seeks to highlight the importance of the cultural and creative industries and to create a platform that helps entrepreneurs and talent to gain knowledge and learn from international best practices and successful projects, in addition to opening opportunities for them by honing their skills and encouraging them to unleash their creativity.”

She said that the competition represents a platform to encourage entrepreneurs to introduce their ideas, projects, and aspirations, and to discover their abilities to develop new and innovative products capable of meeting the needs of the market and customers alike.

The Al Quoz Creative Entrepreneurship Competition is open to all UAE-based startups in their early stages, which must be less than two years old from their launch. The competition spans various fields, including creative businesses and startups in TV, audio and radio broadcasting, crafts, graphic, industrial, and digital design, fashion, and product design. Additionally, it encompasses heritage, museums, libraries, archaeology, music, film, content and motion graphics production, performing arts, visual arts, photography, publishing, electronic games, culinary arts, and food culture. Each applicant must submit supporting documentation for their business to participate in the competition.



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