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New ecological initiative for industrial sector launched

dr-rashid-ahmed-bin-fahadDubai, 16th June 2009 H.E. Dr. Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad, Minister of Environment and Water, announced today the launch of a new initiative for assessing performance of industrial firms in preparation for issuing an environmental performance card.

”The launch of this initiative reflects implementation of the ministry’s policy under the federal government strategy,” the minister told a press conference today.

The initiative, he said, seeks to encourage industrial enterprises to introduce conservation and protection of the environment and control of pollution into their development policy and show their commitment to and responsibility towards the environment.

On the mechanism for issuing the card, the minister said a ministry team will visit the industrial enterprises wishing to be member in the initiative to gather information so as to determine the scope of compliance with environmental criteria and standards.

The assessment will cover among other things the environmental licence, geographical location, use of raw materials, production input and keeping of records.

”A guideline on how firms will obtain the card is being developed,”he added.


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