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Grand opening of the Burj Dubai

Even as Dubai faces its greatest ever financial crisis, the city skyscape will now stretch into the clouds with the grand opening on Monday of the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Dubai.


  1. this building is payed for by america and was designed by a american most people think this is a dubai building its a american owned building

  2. HaBlO EsPaÑoL No iNgLeS No qUiErO MaS COmeNtArIoS En iNgLeS solO En eSpAñOl y pUnTo

  3. love dubai ,,love arabic countrys,,,and we approchiate liveing with u on earth ,thank u

  4. I’ll go with option C: not letting u take a shit in my mouth by shoving my foot up your ass so hard that it makes shit come out of your mouth

  5. I heard someone once say that Americans helped to build this tower so that they have something they can aim some hijacked airliner at. :(

  6. I aggree Derek, the act of revenge is off fear and immaturity, It’s wise not to get back but to stand back up and take it, people are to stupid and uneducated realize this but like you and me we realize thats the way death and war starts by revenge, so let the hick country cowboys solve there problems with violence and stupitity while we true americans rebuilt and thats we are so powerful is that we rebuilt was is lost just like that.

  7. What are we to say about it?, their’s opinions, and like the press these opinions keep stupid people involved in these everyday situations, we for once need to focus on our problems not anybody elses, just like us they can take care of their problems but we decide not to, thats why thousands die in tragic situations because we’re to focused on everything but us, thats why 9/11 was so easy to accomplished because we we’re again focused elsewhere besides our country.

  8. Wow, you’re an idiot. Like our country would stoop that low. We’re not trying to look like the same people who did it to us dumb fuck.

  9. @MrDufrais 911 is an inside job, i can’t believe some cowboys didnt get it already

  10. Dubai is done because it is a 2 tier system most of the people who live there dont consider Dubai is their Home — therefore Dubai has no spirit

  11. @thechosenalien

    Sounds like a plan. See you up there. Who is bringing the magazines?


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