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Two Guys Jumped Off the Burj Dubai and Lived to Tell About It

Oh, wow. Apparently, in May, a Brit and a Frenchman snuck on to the under-construction Burj Dubai and BASE jumped from it at 650 meters up. Now, there’s video available of their infiltration, jump and subsequent escape. The footage from up top and the jump is just incredible stuff. Although my favorite part of the video may be the footnote at the end; wait for it, it’s worth it.


  1. this is frightening how two people can infiltrate a national monument and evade capture. apparently security needs reform in dubai.

  2. those 2 guys should be in the navy seals… or CIA or some shit…. that was a serious mission

  3. jesus man…the rush you would get. that is a unique experience not many will experience

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  5. that was so cool they waited for the night where there are less or no workers then they entered the building with no permission that is cool climb to the top and then go for ii that’s cool


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