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Leaving Islam: Apostates Speak Out

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Given that I am rather skeptical of the very possibility of a scientific survey of apostates, it is rather difficult for me to make any psychological, sociological, or anthropological generalizations based on fewer than fifty personal testimonies that would be valid outside this particular group. No quick portrait of the typical apostate is likely to appear–some are young (students in their teens), some are middle-aged with children; some are scientists, while others are economists, businesspeople, or journalists; some are from Bangladesh, others are from Pakistan, India, Morocco, Egypt, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, or Iran. Our witnesses, nonetheless, do have certain moral and intellectual qualities in common: for instance, they are all comparatively well educated, computer literate with access to the Internet, and rational, with the ability to think for themselves. However, what is most striking is their fearlessness, their moral courage, and their moral commitment to telling the truth. They all face social ostracism, the loss of friends and family, a deep inner spiritual anguish and loneliness–and occasionally the death penalty if discovered. Their decisions are not frivolously taken, but the ineluctable result of rational thinking.

There are very useful analogies to be drawn between communism and Islam. . . .As Arthur Koestler said, “You hate our Cassandra cries and resent us as allies, but when all is said, we ex-Communists are the only people on your side who know what it’s all about.”

Communism has been defeated, at least for the moment; Islamism has not, and unless a reformed, tolerant, liberal kind of Islam emerges soon, perhaps the final battle will be between Islam and Western democracy. And these former Muslims, to echo Koestler’s words, on the side of Western democracy are the only ones who know what it’s all about, and we would do well to listen to their Cassandra cries. — Ibn Warraq, from the Introduction

Leaving Islam: Apostates Speak Out


  1. Wow!,what a masterpiece of pure and evil hatred. Somewhere in the book I read that women are treated badly in Islam and for a woman to convert to Islam is like an African American to join the KKK. The arabs were burying their daughters alive during the dark ages before God sent the Prophet(pbuh). He taught those ignorant barbaric people how to love and honor their daughters, sisters, mothers and wives. And through out ahadith, there are many many examples regarding exampleray treatment of women by the Prophet(pbuh) and his followers.

    And if you belive that there is no Creator, than why only critisize Islam ???? why not go after other religions ?

    Human mind has done wonders over the last 150 years. we still have a very tiny knowledge of the universe and have a long way to go. Yet we are ready to give our strong opinions that this whole universe just happened on it’s own and there is no God. There has to be a superior divine force guiding everything.

    This book is very convenient for people who don’t want to follow any religion and live their lives like animals and do whatever they want with out any fear of cosequences or guilt.

    Even in the animal kingdom, God has given more strength and capabilities to the male species. So if men are mentioned slightly more sperior to women in Islam, what is wrong with it ??

    There are many different bibles available, but there is only one Quran.

    I have never seen such mis-interpretation and fabrication of the actual facts of the Quran.

    Ibn Warraq might be living in a fool’s paradise right now, but I am sure of his destiny(hell)!!!!!

    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. It seems to me that most people have overly simplistic views of the modern world and of religion, and Ibn Warraq is no different. But perhaps we shouldn’t neglect the battles that rage between idiots! (Take a look at these reviews–both the negative and positive.) To me reading this book is like hearing people in a death contest over which kind of music is better: how do you participate in this type of argument? Well, you don’t, you just watch, enjoy a moment of amusement tinged with disbelief, and move on. Of course, people bash Christianity, Judaism, and all other religions, so they might as well bash Islam, too. But Islam will be around long after this book is forgotten, and long after the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ has shown itself to be only a misunderstood and misnamed phase of history. If you’re hot to discover the insidious ‘heart’ of Islam, this book’s for you. If you’re a Muslim hot to discover the insidious ‘heresy’ of the West, this book’s for you. If your intellect is at all capable of nuance, then forget it. Thank God there are Muslims, non-Muslims, and whoever else just living their lives on this planet. We’ve got enough warmongers.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. I read the whole book at barnes in noble because I knew what to expect.

    The book is written by a man that has a Muslim name but is not and never was a Muslim. His books are all opinionated. They are the exact opposite of what is going on in reality. More and more people are coming to Islam, rather than leaving it. He has testimony from CHRISTIANS! How lame! This guy is obviously trying to make a quick buck. Beware, one of the worst authors, might I add. He lacks basic writing skills. My 14 year old brother could do better than this garbage.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Kindly please Ban this Book as it touches negative religious sentiments as it portrays the wrong way of Islam and religions close to Islam like Christianity and Judaism that have close but not exact creeds.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. First of all, who is Ibn Warraq?….He as an arabic name but does he really is an ex-muslim???? and by the way he really need to read the coran and tradition of the prophet and to ask him self does Rushdi is a muslim??? he’s not!

    So what are u talking about! U hate muslims well u can hate them, and by the way one of amazone wrote that a LOT of people muslims apostates for islam…well sorry i dont have any proof of this, cause most of the very very very very minority that apostates are people muslims just by their PARENTS! and islam is the world fast growing up religion !!!!! So tell me why? cause smart people read the Koran and ask questions and they dont mix up Islam and Muslims…cause islam is the perfect theory but humans are weak so their culture is weak too but not ISLAM!

    Rating: 1 / 5


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