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Dubai Encounter (Best Of)

Dubai Encounter (Best Of)

What Will Your Dubai Encounter Be?

Skiing on the world’s first indoor black run
Commissioning a special gold ring at a market price,BR>Spending hours doing nothing at a Jumeirah beach resort
Kicking back with a beer, a sea breeze and a view of the Gulf at sunset
Reclining on cushions and smoking sheesha
Clearing your head in the Arabian desert

Discover Twice the City in Half the Time

Navigate easily with a fully indexed street map plus detailed neighborhood maps
Our discerning author recommends the very best in shopping, dining, clubbing and relaxing
Take the hassle out of daily planning with unique thematic itineraries
Go straight to the source: cultural highlights from the founder of the Al Bastakiya Art Fair, shopping hints from an antique gallery owner

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

List Price: $ 12.99

Price: $ 5.67


  1. Review by Eudora for Dubai Encounter (Best Of)
    Because my son accepted an assignment in Dubai, I have

    been reading all I can find. Lonely Planet’s Dubai

    Encounter has by far the most accurate information I’ve

    found, at least as I’ve compared notes with my son.

    It is well written, well organized, compact.

    I even got to tell my son the location of a recommended

    Mexican restaurant. –Not so important, in the scheme

    of high finance, but when he wants an enchilada, he can

    now go for it.


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